Nepal Meditation Retreat and Maratika Pilgrimage Dec 6-17

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Nepal Meditation Retreat and Maratika Pilgrimage Dec 6-17

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Event : 7 Days Meditation Retreat
Date : December 6 - 12 Dec 2010
Organizer : Kagyu Institute of Buddhist Studies
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(Preparation for joining the Maratika Pilgrimage)
"The Practice of Guru Rinpoche's Konchok Chidu Puja and Amitabha Practice" Lead By Venerable Sang Sang Rinpoche, Venerable Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche and Venerable Shangpa Rinpoche

The ritual practice of Konchok Chidu, translated as 'The Union of all Jewels' / "Embodiment of the Three Jewels" , is guru yoga a terma practice of Guru Padmasambhava discovered in the 17th century by the great terton, Rigdzin Jatson Nyingpo (1585-1656) (also known as Letro Lingpa).

It is a complete text which includes an outer, inner, secret and long life practice as well as an amending of samaya fire offering and feast practice (Ganachakra Tsog offering practice). Through the power of the Lama, in the form of Tsokye Dorje - a peaceful manifestation of Guru Rinpoche; the Yidam Guru Drakpo - a wrathful manifestation of Guru Rinpoche; and the Khandro Senge Dongma, it removes obstacles and harmful influences; creates positive circumstances for the environment and all beings; increases virtue; and clears away all ignorance.

Widely practiced by the practitioners of Kagyu and Nyingma lineages in the whole of Tibet and especially in western Tibet and the Himalayan region of Nepal, this text is renowned for its simplicity and profundity. Ven. Shangpa Rinpoche, in his previous life, spent 12 years in retreat and completed 12 times of the Konchok Chidu's four foundation practices.

It is said that amongst the 500 different termas of Tsewang (long life empowerment) that have been discovered throughout the centuries, the Tsewang of Konchok Chidu is said to be the main one that confers Guru Rinpoche's most profound blessings for long life and freedom from obstacles. For this reason one of the main part of the retreat will be the Guru Rinpoche Konchok Chidu Long Life Empowerment, During the 7 days retreat, Rinpoche will grant the oral transmission and instructions of the text and give guidancee in group meditation practice based on the K�nchok Chidu Sadhana. In addition, participants will also learn how to prepare the offerings and torma for the puja including the use of chanting implements. This retreat will provide the participants a good preparation and foundation for the pilgrimage retreat at the Maratika caves. Other practices and trainings included in the retreat:

Teaching on Amitabha Practice
Guru Rinpoche Konchok Chidu Long Life Empowerment by Ven Sang Sang Rinpoche (subject to change & confirmation).

Torma Making: All retreatants will receive extensive training in torma making, and will make tormas for the Tsok offeing.

Offering of Music: Training in the use of cymbals, drums, conches and if necessary, other instruments will be made available for those who are motivated to learn them.

Daily Mahakala Puja: The Mahakala protector practice will be done by the group daily, chanted in the traditional melodies. Simple instructions will be given by the Sangha.

Registration and Enquiries
Registration must be made via the application form (words doc) which can be submitted via email. If you want further information about the course, please contact us at: or
. Tel: (65)-9815 0386 (Singapore) / (977) 1-433-1679 (Nepal)

Event : Pilgrimage to the Guru Rinpoche & Mandarava Cave of Maratika
“Retreat on Guru Rinpoche Konchok Chidu Long Life Practice”
Led By Venerable Shangpa Rinpoche
Date : December 13 – 17 2010

Located in the District of Khotang, Halesi, Eastern Nepal are the sacred and supreme caves of Maratika where Guru Padmasambhava and princess Mandarava attained the spiritual state of immortal awareness holder (Tib: chi med rig dzin). A place blessed by Manjushree, Vajrapani and Avaloketesvara; it is here that Guru Rinpoche with his consort Mandarava opened the mandala of the Buddha Amitayus (Buddha of infinite life) and received the vision of Buddha Amitayus, who bestowed upon them the blessing of immortality

In the Tibetan biography of Padmasambhava, discovered by Nyangrel Nyima Ozer, it is described why the Maratika caves are a sacred place for Buddhists. Many sacred symbols of body, speech and mind of the enlightened ones such as a white conch; the long life vase and many other amazing self-arisen symbols can be found as well as hand and foot imprints. Five hundred Arhats are said to have visited this place, and many people come here to practice Chöd.

It is a place like a wish fulfilling jewel that surpasses any other sacred place in India for the practice of spiritual attainment. At this sacred place, the outer, inner and secret mandalas are complete in terms of the perfect noble attribute and prayers made here will be fulfilled. Many treasures of Guru Rinpoche are also believed be concealed and buried by the dakini Mandarava at this holy secret cave.

Over the years, many great lamas such as Chatral Rinpoche, Kyabje Trulshig Rinpoche, Shamar Rinpoche and many others have done retreat in the cave, and their life hindrances have been expelled. Chatral Rinpoche wrote in "The Melodious Tambura of Joy" a guide for those who might one day have the opportunity to practice at this powerful place:

Outwardly, it is the blissful play of Shiva and Umadevi.
Inwardly, it is the palace of Chakrasamvara.
Secretly, it is the celestial mansion of the deities of immortal life and
Most secretly, it is the Pure Land of Great Bliss, the absolute realm of Akanishta.
“On seeing this place, boundless wonder arises.
Through merely hearing the name, the seed of liberation is planted.
By recalling it, accidental death is prevented.
Through making prostrations, circumambulation and offerings, great accumulation of merit is accomplished.”

There are other hills surrounding the caves: the Mandarava Cave, a few hours’ walk away from the cave, the Manjushri Hill to the south-east and Vajrapani Hill to the south-west. There is a Garuda cave nearby and it was said that this would be a good place to go to for people with cancer.

For all tantric practitioners who have entered the path, this is a very good place for practice to accumulate merit and purify obscurations by engaging in the recitation of mantras, the offering of tormas, the performing of fire ceremonies and especially practices of longevity.

Such is the sacredness of this place! As such it is the wish of Ven. Shangpa Rinpoche to bring all fortunate beings who aspire to work for the benefit of self and others to this place to receive the blessings of Guru Rinpoche and all enlightened beings.

At the main cave, Rinpoche will lead all in the practice of Guru Rinpoche’s Konchok Chidu long life practice and other practices, creating the conditions for all to purify obscurations, accumulate merits for self and others, and ultimately, attain the level of the protector Amitayus and lead all beings to that state.

Schedule for Pilgrimage to the Holy Meditation Cave of Maratika Day Date Activity
Day One 13 Dec 2010 Kathmandu – Halesi, Maratika Cave
Day Two 14 Dec 2010 Visit the main cave, lower caves, Mandarava cave and other holy caves nearby.Group meditation and practice of Konchok Chidu Long Life Practice at the main cave.
Day Three 15 Dec 2010
Day Four 16 Dec 2010
Day Five 17 Dec 2010 Halesi to Kathmandu

For more information on the history of the Maratika Caves, please refer to the below link:" onclick=";return false;

Registration and Enquiries
For registration or any further information about the trip, please email: or
Tel: (977) 1-433-1679 (Nepal) / (65) 98150386 (Singapore)

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