Tadopani Retreat Center : Individual retreat starts Oct 15

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Tadopani Retreat Center : Individual retreat starts Oct 15

Post by phantom59 » Sat Aug 07, 2010 4:57 am

Tadopani Retreat Center, located in Tsotang, Tadopani, is one of the branches of Shepa Dorje Retreat Center in Lapchi, under the guidance of His Eminence the 12th Nubpa Rinpoche. Nubpa Rinopche has specially set up this center for foreign students who are not able to make the arduous journey to Lapchi to undertake retreats due to time or health constraints.

Individual retreat at Tadopani this year will begin on 15 Oct 2010. Nubpa Rinpoche will be guiding retreatants of all levels, whether beginners or advanced. The retreat program will be based on retreatant’s discussion with Rinpoche upon arrival. The retreatant may also choose the starting and ending dates of the retreat based on personal capacity, visa availability and so on.

To reach Tadopani Retreat Center from Kathmandu, it takes around 4 hrs by vehicle and another 3 hrs of walking. Accommodation and utilities (water & electricity) are free of charge. However, retreatants are responsible for your own meal expenses and cooking. Members of Lapchi Association may help you buy the groceries you need. Please prepare your own bed sheet, blanket and personal items.

Please email us one month before you intend to start your retreat. This is to ensure that logistics such as accommodation, transport, etc. are arranged accordingly.

For inquiries or registration, kindly contact:
Karma Woesar: lapchigonpa@gmail.com / Lama Nyandak: nyandak@gmail.com

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