Basic logistical questions about prostrating on Mahabodhi temple property (vacation)

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Basic logistical questions about prostrating on Mahabodhi temple property (vacation)

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I'm an American passport carrying neophyte seeking to reach out to the online e sangarama and ask some basic yet nice questions about a vacation to Mahabodhi temple in Bihar.

I am wanting to know if there are sharira of the Lord Buddha enshrined at the temple currently. Is the temple now enlayed with gold from the king of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej's Sangha? Are there places I can do full (Nalanda style) prostrations outside without being bothered everyday all day? Would I need to buy some type of parasol to pitch in the ground to stop from sunburn or is it realitvely shady? Also I'm interested in staying at a nearby hotel...hotel Buddha etc...but I can't confirm the Grammer on there small reviews: NOT have hot water?! OMG! And has anyone been booked out of these hotels? For book 3 month in autum...good weather etc...then try to pay up for the 4th...only to be told that h.h. the 14th Dalai Lama is doing a spontaneous lecture and the place is crowded with monks security etc and the hotel is booked out...

These are really all I can think about at this time...I have a question about applying for the indian visa...supposedly they aren't takeing new applicants at this time as the return code for applications are longer than what can be input. Another bikkyu was telling me this and that he doesn't get any serious answers from the consulate. "They just keep telling me to mail it in and pay more money"...well...then hat means they are still accepting American passports!

Thanks for patience and understanding.
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