Losar Eight Nyung Nes Retreat at RKRL Retreat Center

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Losar Eight Nyung Nes Retreat at RKRL Retreat Center

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Losar Eight Nyung Nes Retreat at RKRL Retreat Center, Ninole, Hawaii
with Nyungne Lama and Lama Lodu Zangpo
January 23 - February 12 2010

Registration is an absolute requirement for this retreat.
Please call (808) 895-1563 by January 10, 2010.
Arrival day is January 23. Torma Day is January 24. Phowa Instruction on Febrary 11.
Retreat ends on the morning of February 12.

"In Tibetan, the word “Nyung” means less. “Nes” means remaining. This means that during this retreat, we reduce our negativity and, ideally, eliminate negativity entirely.

The eight precept vows are called “So Jong.” "So" means we replenish the positive, and "Jong" means we purify the negative. By taking the eight precept vows, the experience is greatly intensified. In addition, we practice creation stage meditation where we visualize the 1,000 Arm Chenrezig, who is the embodiment of all the enlightened ones, and recite his mantra. We visualize the environment as the mandala, ourself as the deity, and thus transform all impure perceptions to perfectly pure and divine, celestial perceptions.

Nyung Nes is a practice of fasting and purification. Each morning, one takes vows and abides by them for the whole day. On the first day, one vegetarian meal is eaten at noon and liquids are taken. On the second day, no food or drink at all is consumed. On each day practitioners do the 1,000 Arm Chenrezig practice. So great is the powerful merit of this practice that to do one Nyung Nes, closes the doors to the lower realms in the next rebirth. It is also said that by completing eight consecutive Nyung Nes practices, one closes the door to rebirth in samsara. One is instantly reborn into a realm where enlightenment comes quickly and easily." - Lama Lodu Rinpoche

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