Mount Kailash Pilgrimage 2013

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Mount Kailash Pilgrimage 2013

Post by phantom59 » Mon Apr 30, 2012 1:20 pm

Event : Mount Kailash Pilgrimage 2013
Date : To Be Announced
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Programme :
'We will start off with three days of Kathmandu sightseeing and short day treks to unique shared Tibetan Buddhist and Newar Vajra Yogini, Shiva and Narayana sites. We will then take two short mountain flights from Kathmandu to Simikot to begin our trek to Mt. Kailash in the Tibetan Autonoumous Region within Chinas' border.

We will travel by jeep and trekking (up to 5000 meters at the highest point) overland for six days to the sacred Lake Manasarovar (where many sacred visions are seen in the waters), to lake Rakshasa (the lake which is fed by the water running from Kailash) and finally to the Holy Kailash Mountain, called Tise by Tibetans, where we will spend five days circling and practicing at the revered site. Visiting Villages and monasteries in the area, we will trek at a moderate pace, enjoy and take in the sites and have plenty of time to make our devotional prayers, practices and offerings. There will be an option to ascend to the inner Korra near the peak of Kailash itself, if you wish. We will return by the same route with the flights from Simikot to Kathmandu, where there will be an additional optional few days of pilgrimage program in the Kathmandu Valley available.'

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