Dudjom Krodikali, Vasuratna, Vajrakilaya Puja June 1 - 4

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Dudjom Krodikali, Vasuratna, Vajrakilaya Puja June 1 - 4

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Event : Dudjom Krodikali, Vasuratna, Vajrakilaya Puja
Date : June 1 - 4
Venue : Dudjom Dharma House Kuantan
Address : B 3084 Taman Tunas Jaya 4,Lorong Galing 33, Jalan Haji Ahmad,
25300 Kuantan Pahang, Darul Makmur,Malaysia.
Map :
http://maps.google.ca/maps/place?ftid=0 ... TDg&dtab=0" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Website : http://www.dudjomdharmahousekuantan.com ... ation.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/DudjomDharmaHouseKuantan" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Programme :
June 1 Friday
10:00am - 12:00pm Lamp Lighting, RiWo Sang Chood, Krodikali Four Foudation
2:00pm - 5:00pm Krodikali (medium version) , Krodikali Four Feast
8:00pm- 10.30pm Continuation of Krodikali Prayer, Krodikali Body, Speech and Mind Empowerment Bleesing

June 2 Saturday
10:00am - 12:00pm Lamp Lighting, RiWo Sang Chood
2:00pm - 5:00pm Vasuratna Puja
8:00pm- 10.30pm Continuation of Vasuratna Prayer, Krodikali Body, Speech and Mind Empowerment Bleesing

June 3 Sunday
10:00am - 12:00pm Lamp Lighting, RiWo Sang Chood
2:00pm - 5:00pm Vajra Kilaya Puja
8:00pm- 10.30pm Continuation of Vajra Kilaya Prayer, Krodikali Body, Speech and Mind Empowerment Bleesing.

June 4 Monday
10:00am - 11:00am Life Release
8:00pm- 10.30pm Lamp Lighting, Krodikali Chood Short Version

Benefit of the Great Thunder Sword Vajrakilaya Puja
The Great Thunder Sword Varja Kilaya accomplishment puja is a special practice of the Dudjom Dharma New Treasure.Varja Kilaya is one of the most powerful Deities of the lineage. The practice was treasure discovered by the great lineage master Terton Dudjom Lingpa.

It is not easy to perform the puja as a lot of preparation is needed. It is believed that the merit of attending the three days puja equal that of the traditional three years retreat. By just being at the place where it is held, one’s pass negative karma is purified, and evil disturbalances sa obstacles are dispelled . By participating in the puja, it is laike receiving empowerment every moment. The merit from helping in or sponsoring the puja is many times gather then of other pujas. The puja olso gives such benefits as:
1. Pacify disharmony, wars, promote world peace and prosperity to the country.
2. Help to prevent suffering (sickness).
3. Remove obstacles and purify negative karma.
4. Increase merit, wisdom, luck, and fortune.
5. Create the conditions for good rebirth (with beauty health, wealth, happiness, and being reborn in places where the Holy Dharma flourishes.
6. Fulfil one’s wishes.

Benefits of Kodikali Puja
The merit of attending the Krodikali Puja are to remove outer, inner, and secret obstacles. Outer obstacles - purify the disorders by the four physical element such as catastrophe, lightning, weapon, burglary, karmic debtors, the disturbances by the demons, elephant, wild animals, poisons, poverty and the unfulfilled wishes. Inner obstacles - protect us from harms of four Maras such as Kleshamara (evil of emotional disturbances) - foremotional obscuration, Devaputramara (evil of Godly son : lust) - for habitual obscuration, Skandhamara (evil of the aggregates) - for cognitive obscuration and the Yamamara (evil of lord of death) - for karmic obscuration. Secret Obstacles - dispel the five poisons such as desire, hatred, ignorance, jealousy and pride.

Benefist of Guru Vasuratna Puja
The principal deity in this practice is ORGYEN NORLHA- Guru Rinpoche manifesting as the divine god of wealth surrounded by the assembly of wealth gods and goddesses. This special practice is a Mind Terma (Treasure) of the Rigzin Jigme Lingpa Terma. Special reasons and benefits are attributed to the practice. Due to its powerful lineage blessings, this sacred sadhana bestows swift and strong blessings in the form of good fortune, luck, longevity, enriching prosperity, wealth and health in the vicinity where it is performed and also benefits those who are directly linked to it, when it is done with deep and strong faith and devotion. The blessing and accomplishments in this sacred ceremony can also be received through the object of a Treasure Wealth Vase (Tibetan: Yang Bhum). This Treasure Wealth Vase which can be kept in one’s home or office etc. with offerings and respect paid to it, is a source of accomplishments and wealth because it is the emanation of the Deity of Wealth ORGYEN NORLHA (Vasuratna) and Basudharani. The Treasure Wealth Vase is very special because it contains many Holy Mantras/ Prayers, Holy Dharma medicines, precious relics, as well as gemstones, gold and silver etc. The Treasure Wealth Vase is also precious because it is consecrated through the practice of the Sadhana of Orgyen Norlha (Vasuratna)and Basudharani in the auspicious ceremony.

Significance of Lamp Offering
1. One will illuminating the mundane world, just like the Bright Lamp one is offering.
2. One will not have any eyes diseases.
3. One will obtain the psychic power of "Heavenly Eyes" quickly and easily.
4. One will obtain supreme wisdom that differentiates Virtues and non- virtues easily.
5. One will be liberated from all confusions and doubts.
6. One will not be reborn into a dark and ignorant places.
7. One will not be obstructed by outer negative influences.
8. One will have great and limitless Merits.
9. One will obtain rebirth in Heavenly realms.(especially the 2nd Heaven, the Heaven of Indra.)
10. One will attain Liberation or Nirvana quickly and smoothly.

Lamp Offering means you, your friend(s) or relative(s)'s Special dates, e.g. birthday, anniversaries, graduation dates, dates of commencing business, celebrities occasions, auspicious dates etc. It can also be a special that needs special blessings and prayers. E.g. date of operation, hospitalization, seeing doctors or special moment in your life that signifies a turning point or certain shift. It can be the deceased's date of passing away, or while you need to pray for purifications and liberation of the deceased to the Pure land of Amitabha.

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