Threomai Tshogbum Chhenmo 3-5 Febuary in Bodhgaya

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Threomai Tshogbum Chhenmo 3-5 Febuary in Bodhgaya

Post by phantom59 » Sun Jan 17, 2010 7:35 am

Bodhgaya Threomai Tshogbum Chhenmo is confirmed on 3rd, 4th & 5th of February 2010. Interested disciples should gather in Bodhgaya earliest by 2nd Febuary . This will be the 3rd time the event is held with the intention of benefiting all sentient beings through the propagation of the holy Dharma. With the merits accumulation prayers of the Dakini Krodikali, Dungse Garab Rinpoche prays for peace among all sentient beings and in our world. Many of Rinpoche's monks, nuns, students and disciples from Bhutan and all over the world will come together for this great act of sharing the Dudjom lineage practise together with just one motivation of following the Guru's vision to help benefit all beings.Helping to realise this motivation takes many different aspects. For those who will be able to attend the event, by your presence there to participate in the prayers it will bring immense benefits." onclick=";return false;

Registration is now open. It is our great pleasure to welcome you once again to Bodhgaya Krodikali's pilgrimage 2009 . This pilgrimage is in its 3rd year and we are planning the best lineup yet of auspicious visionaries in the field of Bodhgaya.

In 2007 & 2008, the gathering in Bodhgaya was astounding; thousands of Buddhists from all over the world and especially disciples of Dudjom Lineage gathered at the sacred site of the Buddha's enlightenment to perform the Grand Krodikali Puja . It was a true authentication to its recognized peacefulness and celebrating the significance of harmony and peace in our society and the importance of sharing joy and happiness with our Glorious Root Guru, Garab Rinpoche and all dharma brothers and sisters.

4:30 am Wakeup

5:00 am
Commencement of Four Feasts practice
White Feast & Black Feast

Breakfast break

8:00 am Commencement of the medium version of Krodikali practice

Lunch break

1:00 pm Continuation of the medium version of Krodikali practice

Dinner break

6:30 pm

i. Continuation of the Four Feasts practice
Red Feast & Mixed Feast

ii. Conclusion prayers:
- Guru's long life prayers
- Prayers for turning the wheel of Dharma
- Prayers for world peace
- Dakini song
- Dedication prayers

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