Blessings of the 3 Pujas 13 Feb 1000-1230pm

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Blessings of the 3 Pujas 13 Feb 1000-1230pm

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Blessings of the 3 Pujas

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13 Feb 1000-1230pm

Lamas will be conducting 3 puja rituals to usher in the New Year. These pujas are performed for a smooth & blessed year ahead freed of all obstacles. The 3 must-have pujas for the New Year are the Heart Sutra Obstacle-Clearing Puja, Namtose Fortune & Wealth-Recharge Puja as well as the Business & Career Blessing Puja. Geshelas and Lamalas leading us in the 2137 Tiger Year, we pray for healthy body and mind; we pray for smooth-sailing power which overcomes all obstacles; we also pray for prosperity of both material and spiritual wealth. We pray not only for ourselves, for our family, we also pray for all sentient beings.

1. Heart Sutra Obstacle-Clearing Puja
Should we wish to enjoy a fulfilling year 2010 ahead, whereby all our goals and targets can be achieved smoothly, we must first purify the negativities and bad karma that we have committed in the past year as much as we can. Because obstacles arise from the ripening of bad karma. Obstacles cause us unhappiness and hindrances in achieving our aims; and to avoid obstacles, we must avoid accumulating bad karma or purify them before they ripen. Through participating in the Heart Sutra Obstacle-Clearing Puja, we are able to purify negativities in the past year, and is a powerful ritual to swiftly eradicate any on-coming major obstacles for us in the New Year.

2. Namtose Fortune & Wealth-Recharge Puja
Namtose is a famous protector and wealth deity of Esoteric Buddhism, for centuries great Buddhist practitioners and yogis relied on his practice for wealth, protection and cultivation of the path. And needless to say, Namtose Wealth Pujas are one of the must-have auspicious pujas for the New Year. This puja summons immense positive wealth energies upon the puja participants, and is a very effective method to invoke positive wealth energy of the surroundings. For those who own wealth vases or fortune wands, do bring them along for re-energizing of wealth blessings for the New Year.

3. Business & Career Blessing Puja
Participating in this puja and making offerings to the Three Jewels, as well as the surrounding deities and land gods, increases our bank of merits. It invokes the blessings of all Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Deities and Protectors, and also appeals to the area gods for their timely assistance. With divine protection and blessings, obstacles are cleared, positive conditions in workplace improve and opportunities for businesses also increase in the New Year. It is very auspicious and most appropriate to conduct this puja to invite wealth and good luck after purifying our negativities and obstacles from the other 2 afore-mentioned pujas. It is a great blessed head-start for the new year, and benefits from the pujas will undoubtedly aid us in this New Year to come.


1. Please bring along a worn and unwashed shirt to be disposed off as part procedure of the puja. Purify all obstacles & bad luck in the past year!

2. Do bring along a new set of clothes for blessing. The Lamas will perform a special ritual to bless this first set of clothes for your new year, symbolic of a good fulfilling year ahead. This special blessing also helps to boost one’s interpersonal relationships and increase luck for a smooth year ahead.

3. For those who own special Tri-Blessings Home Amulets, wealth vases and/or fortune wands, please bring them along for re-energizing of wealth blessings during the New Year Pujas. The more blessings they receive, the stronger the wealth energies are summoned." onclick=";return false;

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