Retreat with Mindroling Jetsunma Khandro Aug 23 - Sep 9

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Retreat with Mindroling Jetsunma Khandro Aug 23 - Sep 9

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Event : Retreat with Mindroling Jetsunma Khandro
Date : August 23 - September 9
Venue : Mindrolling Lotus Garden
Address : 1991 Pine Grove Road, Stanley, VA 22851, USA
Website :" onclick=";return false;
Schedule :" onclick=";return false;
Full program : US$1260 (18 days)
$80 per day (up to 6 days) $70 per day (7days or more)

Programme :
The Path of Mahayana:
August 23-26th Thursday-Sunday,
Engaging in Vajrayana:
August 26-Sept 2nd Sunday-Sunday,
The Dzogchen Retreat:
September 3-9th Monday-Sunday

The Path of Mahayana will take place from Thursday, August 23rd through Sunday, August 26th. During this portion of the retreat Rinpoche will bestow fundamental teachings on Mahayana meditation based upon the great classical text Bodhisattvacaryavtara by Shantideva.

Engaging in Vajrayana will begin on the evening of Sunday, August 26th and continue through Sunday, September 2nd. During this period Rinpoche will teach on the fundamental instructions on the Creation and Completion stages of the Vajrayana path. Rinpoche will bestow teachings on the pivotal points of sadhana practices and the nuns of Samten Tse will guide practitioners through various liturgical aspects such as ritual instruments, mudras, shrine set-up, torma-making and so forth. All members of the study group are especially encouraged to attend this part of the retreat so that all study groups can become proficient in practicing together these profound practices.

The Dzogchen Retreat will begin on Monday, September 3rd and continue through Sunday, September 9th. During this period, Rinpoche will bestow teachings on the profound and renowned terma (treasure teaching) of Rigzin Thugthig. Rigdzin Thugthig or The Heart Essence of the Vidyadhara was revealed in 1663 by the glorious treasure master, Chögyal Terdag Lingpa. It is an incredibly vast and profound terma cycle based upon Guru Padmasambhava and the Guru principle. In connection with these teachings Rinpoche will be bestowing the empowerment, reading transmission, and explanation of the sadhana practice of Rigdzin Thugthig (The Heart Essence of the Vidyadhara). The sadhana itself will become the heart of the Lotus Garden Sangha’s Guru Yoga practice as well as the Ganacakra offering done on the tenth day of each month (Tse Chu).

Rinpoche will also transmit all the instructions and give out the outer, inner and secret practices of Rigzin Thugthig for all wishing to do retreat in general and particularly for those who are getting ready to do the three-year retreat. It is said that all those who wish to attain enlightenment in this age must rely on the embodiment of The Three Jewels and the source of all blessings—the Glorious Guru of Uddiyana, Guru Padmasambhava. These extremely precious and rare teachings will be bestowed to all students who aspire to do extended retreats on the Guru and Yidam aspects of Guru Padmasambhava.Furthermore, Rinpoche will bestow a variety of pith instructions from the secret teachings of Padmasambhava and from other masters such as Terdag Lingpa and Lochen Dharmashri during this part of the retreat.

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