Chokor Duchen Shakyamuni Buddha Puja July 23

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Chokor Duchen Shakyamuni Buddha Puja July 23

Post by phantom59 » Mon Jul 16, 2012 2:29 pm

Event : Chokor Duchen Shakyamuni Buddha Puja
Date : July 23
Venue : Amitabha Buddhist Centre
Address : 44 Lorong 25A Geylang
Map : ... ite_49042/" onclick=";return false;
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Chokor Duchen which falls on July 23 commemorates the day when Buddha
Shakyamuni gave his first sermon, forty-nine days after he showed the
deed of gaining enlightenment. Buddha taught the Four Noble Truths is
this first sermon.

As cited in the Vinaya text Treasure of Quotations and Logic, all
merit created on this day is multiplied 100 million times, so do make
full use of this day by engaging in virtuous activities, making
extensive offerings and prayers.

1:30pm Recitation of Golden Light Sutra
Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche said this about the benefits of reciting the
Golden Light Sutra:
"The benefits of reading this sutra are immeasurable .... reciting
just a few lines of the Sutra of Golden Light creates more merit than
making ... immeasurable offerings to the Buddha. Reciting this sutra
directs one's life towards enlightenment. There is so much merit ...
one's life becomes so easy, whatever one wishes for one receives ...
there is unbelievable purification ..." ... efits.html" onclick=";return false;

7:30pm Shakyamuni Buddha Puja with 1000 Offerings
In this puja, we honour the Buddha by paying homage through
recollecting the Buddha's qualities and extensive deeds. We then
engagae in various practices including making extensive offerings,
rejoicing in virtues and dedicating. This puja will be done in

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