John Brzostoski in NYC 9/27 - Borobudor

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John Brzostoski in NYC 9/27 - Borobudor

Post by oldbob » Fri Sep 14, 2012 1:35 pm

(From John)

This to invite you to a slide talk which I am going to give at Tibet House, 22 west 15thSt New York city, on September 27, at 7 PM. It is about the 11th century Buddhist architectural monument of Borobudor in Java which was built as a walk through mandala. My slides walk you though it. Please come, if you are able.

Tell anyone you believe would be interested.

There is no charge.
John is really old. He seldom teaches anymore. He was one of the first Teachers to teach Buddhism in an academic setting (New School - early 60's). He opened the door to the golden temple of Buddhism for many of his students. I attended his course on the Lotus Sutra, Tibetan Book of the Dead, Monkey, and the I Ching in 1965. In a one semester, one night a week course, he Transmitted the essence all of four books. This is a very rare opportunity to meet one of the founders of American Buddhism - and learn about the great stupa of Borobudor.

Thank you John :heart:

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