Six Lamps Teaching (Four-Day Retreat); September 1-4, 2017; Bloomfield, CT

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Six Lamps Teaching (Four-Day Retreat); September 1-4, 2017; Bloomfield, CT

Post by Garudavista » Fri Jun 30, 2017 4:15 pm

Six Lamps Teaching
Four-Day Retreat
September 1-4, 2017
Bloomfield, CT
Registration deadline August 25, 2017

The Six Lamps is one of the most important Bon Dzogchen teachings, guiding the student to a direct experience of the luminous self-awareness that is the nature of mind. The practice of the Six Lamps starts with a meditative introduction to our own inner light, then progressively helps us to clearly discriminate between our ordinary mind and our wisdom mind. As we come to realize that all arising phenomena ultimately manifest from our pure wisdom mind, this journey of the Six Lamps is a powerful path to self-liberation.
The Six Lamps:

· Lamp of the essential point of the abiding presence of the primordial base, and the recognition of the arising of self-awareness from within this luminous expanse.

· Lamp of the essential point of where the primordial base and internal arising of self-awareness are situated.

· Lamp of the essential point of the path for the unimpeded arising of transcendent, penetrating wisdom awareness.

· Lamp of the essential point of the door through which the visions of pure awareness come forth.

· Lamp of the essential point of how to directly ascertain the wisdom of the three bodies.

· Lamp of the essential point of the bardo moment when delusion and realization, samsara and liberation, intertwine and diverge.

This remarkable teaching can be of great benefit to all seeking the true nature of mind through self-liberation. Chongtul Rinpoche’s sharing of this ancient, transformative wisdom is an extraordinary opportunity to receive this teaching from a contemporary Dzogchen master.


Registration/room check in begins 3-4:30pm on Friday, Sept 1., followed by orientation at 4:45pm, dinner from 5-6pm, and the opening teaching session at 6:30pm. Please make arrangements with the retreat manager if you need to arrive later than the check-in period. Daily retreat sessions run from 7am to 6pm and include mealtimes and breaks. The retreat will end at 12 noon on Monday, Sept 4th. There will be no lunch meal, however snacks are served during the closing Tsok offering ceremony of the retreat.

The retreat venue is the Archdiocesan Center at St. Thomas Seminary located at 467 Bloomfield Avenue, Bloomfield, Connecticut. The retreat center webpage is located here:

Single dorm rooms are dormitory-style with a single twin bed, dresser, closet and desk. Dormitory and bath areas are co-ed, however all sleeping rooms are separated by doors, and bathrooms and showers in the main hallway are privately partitioned. Linens, towels and soap are provided, but participants should bring attire for walking in the main hallway between sleeping rooms and bathing areas.

The double dorm room is for couples or roommates to share one full-size bed in a larger dorm room with a hallway bath. Both people sharing a room would submit the double room fee for this option.

Suite rooms include a private bathroom, one queen-size bed, and air conditioning unit. There are a limited number of suites available which will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Couples wishing to share a room should each register for the suite double room option. In the comments section of the registration form, please write the name of the person sharing your room. Each person attending the retreat should fill out a registration form even if his/her retreat fee is paid by someone else.

Commuter registration includes the teaching tuition and all meals. All meals include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian selections. We regret that we will not be able to accommodate vegan, gluten free or any other special dietary requests.

Registrations are being accepted on a space-available basis. Rooms at the retreat center are not guaranteed until payment in full has been received.


10% admin fee for cancellations through July 1, 2017.
50% refund for cancellations through August 1, 2017.
No refund available beginning August 2, 2017.

Bon Shen Ling reserves the right to cancel programs up to 30 days prior to the event. If Bon Shen Ling cancels the event, all participants will receive a full refund of payment. In the event of program cancellation, Bon Shen Ling shall not be responsible for any losses participants may incur as a result of travel or other expenses related to the event.


Non Member
$500 (single dorm)
$480 (double dorm)
$665 (suite single) sold out
$525 (suite double/shared) sold out
$410 (commuter)

Supporting Member
$475 (single dorm)
$460 (double dorm)
$635 (suite single) sold out
$500 (suite double/shared) sold out
$390 (commuter)

Sustaining Member
$450 (single dorm)
$435 (double dorm)
$600 (suite single) sold out
$475 (suite double/shared) sold out
$370 (commuter)

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