Riwo Sang-chod etc. at Boulder Valley Ngakpa House

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Riwo Sang-chod etc. at Boulder Valley Ngakpa House

Post by pemachophel » Tue Jun 05, 2018 3:39 pm

Dear Friends in the Dharma,

A couple of years ago, Sangyum Kamala asked us here at Boulder Valley Ngakpa House to do sang at least once a month if possible. In light of this, Honora has asked that we do sang this Sunday before Saga Dawa comes to an end. This will be the first "open" puja we have done here at BVNH since before Losar. We will begin at 9 AM with Riwo Sang-chod as well as several other, shorter sang for cleansing obscurations, increasing wealth, raising lungta, etc. As you probably know, sang is a wonderful way for generating huge amounts of merit for all sentient beings and especially healing the environment through making charity to all the nature spirits.

If you would like to attend this sang, please let me know by return email. Also, please bring some offering(s) to burn in the fire, such as juniper, incense sticks or powder, flowers, khata, small pieces of five-colored cloth, foods (cakes, cookies, candies), alcohol, honey, milk, yogurt, butter/ghee, etc. (You don't need to bring all of these, just one or two that you would like to especially offer.)

For the sake of all sentient beings, Bodhi Svaha.

Lama Pema Chophel པདྨ་ཆོས་འཕེལ (Bob Flaws)
Boulder Valley Ngakpa House (www.bouldervalleyngakpahouse.com)
2539 Columbine Circle
Lafayette, CO 80026
Pema Chophel པདྨ་ཆོས་འཕེལ

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