626 Rigzin Dorjee Rinpoche

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626 Rigzin Dorjee Rinpoche

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各位法友,尊贵堪千仁津多杰仁波切7月24~8月5 号将携翻译台湾贝玛滇津祖古赴洛杉矶弘法!敬请诸位大德善信同沾法益!广邀有情,功德无量🙏
pm for addresses
July 24th- San Gabriel: Guan Yin Empowerment
July 25th-27th- San Gabriel: Teachings on Chandrakirti
July 28th- Long Beach: Life Release
July 29th- Huntington Beach: 龍欽心髓蓮師/Fire and smoke offerings
July 31st- San Gabriel: Vajrasattva empowerment
August 1st & 2nd- Industry: Teachings on Chandrakirti
August 3rd-5th- Industry: Phowa (Must attend first day to go on the other days)

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