Kyol Che: Winter Intensive at Blue Heron Zen

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Kyol Che: Winter Intensive at Blue Heron Zen

Post by DGA » Tue Jan 11, 2011 12:29 am

Here's the scoop:
Kyol Che is a traditional Korean Zen retreat that takes place annually during the three-month winter and summer periods. The name means “tight dharma” or “coming together.” Originally this was undertaken by monks and nuns doing their intensive sitting practice in the mountain temples. When Zen Master Seung Sahn came to the United States, he began 90-day winter Kyol Che retreats at the Providence Zen Center.

This intensive “coming together” practice has opened many minds over the years, however most of us, as busy house-holders in modern American life, cannot afford either the time or money to participate in this traditional practice model. Nevertheless, we can create a program that works for each of us, in our own unique circumstances. Although we are not living in a rigorous monastic setting, we can still investigate this matter of finding our before-thinking original nature with complete assurance and dedication. And, we can also support each other in our efforts.

This year's Kyol Che will take place from Tuesday, January 25th through Tuesday, April 26th.

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