Wǔtái Shān Temple Opening Ceremonies

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Wǔtái Shān Temple Opening Ceremonies

Post by Caoimhghín » Tue Sep 24, 2019 1:48 am

Out of curiousity, will anyone else be attended the opening ceremonies of the Wǔtái Shān Temple in Peterborough, Ontario, on October 5th?

I will be there.

In reverence for the root gnosis of the heart, the dharmakāya,
for the ever present good law of the heart, the lotus terrace,
for the inborn adornment of the trikāya, the thirty-seven sages dwelling in the heart,
for that which is removed from seed and fruit, the upright key to the universal gate,
for all boundless concentrations, the sea of virtue, the root perfection,
I prostrate, bowing to the hearts of all Buddhas.

胎藏金剛菩提心義略問答鈔, Treatise on the teaching of the gnostic heart of the womb and the diamond, T2397.1.470c5-8

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