Lukhang Dzogchen Temple & Practices of Semzin and Rushen

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Lukhang Dzogchen Temple & Practices of Semzin and Rushen

Post by Mr. G » Fri Mar 25, 2011 1:55 pm

This Friday-Sunday we are hosting Tibetologist and Santi Maha Sangha instructor, Jakob Winkler, at Kundrolling.

Friday night's lecture on the 17th century Dzogchen murals in the Lukang Temple will be a rare opportunity to see these famous murals and have them interpreted according to the Dzogchen tradition and the teachings of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. This event will also be a benefit for Kundrolling.

Jakob's four sessions of Semdzin and Rushen instruction and practice on Saturday and Sunday will offer students with transmission a variety of Dzogchen experiences to distinguish the Nature of Mind, Rigpa, from ordinary mind, and to clarify doubts about its characteristics and function.

People who are new to the Dzogchen Community and others with no previous experience of these practices are especially encouraged to attend.

*** Friday Night at Kundrolling***

Special Presentation on the Lukhang Temple Paintings with Jakob Winkler

Friday, March 25, 7pm

$15 donation requested, open to all. THIS EVENT IS A BENEFIT FOR KUNDROLLING.

Tibet's Lukhang temple, a private retreat for the Dalai Lama established in the late seventeenth century, contains what was, until the Chinese invaded, a secret meditation chamber covered with a set of extraordinary murals. These murals present a host of figures "engaged in practicing Tantric and Dzogchen meditation techniques in pursuit of inner transformation as well as depicting the symbolically encoded content of these teachings. Tibetologist Jakob Winkler will share his extensive knowledge of the murals with us.

*** Weekend Retreat***
Semdzin and Rushen from the Base of the Santi Maha Sangha with Jakob Winkler

Saturday, March 26 at 10am-12pm and 2-4pm

Sunday, March 27 at 10am-12pm and 2-4pm

$35/session, $120/weekend. Member discounts apply.

Transmission required.

In all traditions of Dzogchen Upadesha the practice of Khorde Rushen is considered to be fundamental as a base or starting point. In some traditions it is spoken of as Ngöndro practice, that is, as preparation. We need to understand very clearly its principle and function because it is not a preliminary practice as it is usually meant, but is a practice that introduces contemplation. The Semdzins are highly effective both as a method for distinguishing the pure presence of Rigpa from the dualistic mind and for removing the doubts that arise from our experience in practice. The explanation of the seven Semdzins contained is essentially based on a text of instructions of the master Adzom Drugpa, The Essence of Wisdom.

Please visit our website or write us for further information:" onclick=";return false;

We look forward to seeing you at Kundrolling !

The New York Dzogchen Community


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New York City
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