Dzogchen Retreat with His Holiness Menri Trizen Jun15-Jul15

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Dzogchen Retreat with His Holiness Menri Trizen Jun15-Jul15

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Event : Dzogchen Retreat with His Holiness Menri Trizen
Date : June 25 - July 15 2011
Venue : Serenity Ridge 25 miles south of Charlottesville, Virginia
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According to the Bon dzogchen teachings, the suffering of sentient
beings can be traced to a single cause: our failure to comprehend that
external appearances are only a manifestation of our own innate
awareness. The teaching of the Six Lamps, from the Oral Transmission
of Zhang Zhung, guides us to experience pure vision by recognizing the
clear light of self-awareness in all levels of our existence:

* In the vast, infinite space that is the base-of-all
* In the space within our heart center
* In the subtle channels of our sacred body that connect the heart with the eyes
* In the external space surrounding us
* In all external visions
* In the visions we experience after death

During these teachings, through instruction and guided meditations
Tenzin Rinpoche will help us learn to maintain our connection with the
inseparable state of emptiness and innate awareness and to perceive
all aspects of our environment with pure vision. Ultimately this
practice is a path to self-liberation, enabling one to experience all
visions of the bardo (the transitional state after death) as
inseparable from one's own essence, the essence of Samantabhadra.

In teaching the Experiential Transmission, Rinpoche draws from a text
known as the Chag Tri (Nyam Gyu Dru Gyal wa'i Chag Tri). The Chag Tri
has 11 chapters, taught at Serenity Ridge as a five-part series:

Part 1: The Ngondro. This first part comprises the recitation and
instruction of the preliminary practices, or ngondro. The ngondro is
the authentic doorway through which a practitioner gains entry to the
Experiential Transmission teachings and receives the blessings of its
lineage holders. Its integrated series of nine preliminary practices
help to tame the mind, turn the mind toward the path, and purify the
illnesses, obstacles and mental obscurations that obscure the mind's
primordially perfect nature.

Part 2: Introduction to the Nature of Mind. The knowledge and skills
learned here are applied in all parts of the cycle to come. In a
deliberate and structured way, the Part 2 teachings present the
foundational practice of zhine as the skillful means to develop a calm
abiding mind; and give instructions for dark retreat, sky gazing, and
sun gazing as skillful means to develop stability in mindfulness.
These practices ultimately permit experiences of innate awareness, or
rigpa. In turn, when experiences of innate awareness are developed and
stabilized in a methodical way through meditation practice, they
confirm the direction of the practitioner's journey and allow it to
naturally unfold.

Part 3: The View, Meditation, Behavior, and Result of Dzogchen. Part 3
further guides students in developing inner clarity and integrating
what they have learned into their practice and their lives.
Practitioners will explore:

* how the base of naked seeing provides the self-introduction and
the dzogchen view
* how the path of experiencing the clear light is the meditation
* how the secondary causes of being challenged to bring every
experience to the path are the behavior
* how the fruition of developing confidence in the three kayas and
finding one's own place is the result.

Part 4: Removing Obstacles. Here students will receive teachings on
how to overcome obstacles to their practice while sustaining and
cultivating the results they have achieved during previous parts of
the cycle. They will learn and engage in practices that work with the
channels, prana and tigle, such as trul khor (Tibetan yoga), tsa lung,
and additional support practices drawn from the Zhang Zhung Nyam Gyu,
A Khrid and other sources.

Part 5: The Practice of Seven Cycles of Clear Light. During this final
part of the cycle, students will receive guidance in togel (pure
vision) meditation and will engage in practices with the sky, sun and
darkness. Tenzin Rinpoche will discuss the dark-retreat experiences of
various teachers, including his own experiences; and will offer a
brief explanation of the seven cycles comprising the traditional
retreat of 49 days in total darkness. For those students who have
completed Parts 1 through 5 and are ready to engage in the 49-day dark
retreat, Rinpoche will be available to give personal, one-on-one

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