Neh Dren : Liberating the Departed Souls

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Neh Dren : Liberating the Departed Souls

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Event : Teaching on Liberating the Departed Souls
Vajramaster : Tsewong Sitar Rinpoche
Date : June 19 - September 25
Venues : Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, San Francisco
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Programme :

San Francisco
Fri., June 24: 7-9 pm. Sat-Sun, June 25-26, 9-5 pm
Orgyen Dorje Den, 2244 Santa Clara Ave, Alameda, CA 94501

Los Angeles
Fri, July 15: 7-9 pm. July 16-17: 9-5 pm
Narayan Mandir, Beverley Hills, CA 90290 (register for address).

New York
Fri, Aug 19: 7-9 pm. Sat-Sun, Aug 20-21, 9-5 pm
Tibet House. 22 West 15th Street (between 5th & 6th Ave), New York, NY 10011

Fri, Sep 23: 7-9 pm. Sat-Sun, Sep 24-25 9-5 pm
3902 Woodland Park Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98103.

Tuition : $275 at all locations. Pre-registration required

This class of teachings, called Neh Dren, follow a precise series of steps to lead the deceased individual to a favorable outcome. At the least, this would be a positive human birth. Better would be entry into a pure realm. And optimally, the departed can achieve full realization at various points in the after death state.Within the cycle of Red Vajrasattva, contained within his terma collection of “The Lama’s Intention of the Three Buddha Bodies” is an elegant ritual which can be performed in an afternoon
A great meditation master and Chöd specialist who has spent 20 years in solitary retreat, Tsewong Rinpoche has achieved a high level of inner realization and power.

Event : Teachings and Consultation with Tsewang Sitr Rinpoche
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During his dharma career, Tsewong Rinpoche has had 11 main teachers, and spent over 20 years in solitary retreat. Below is a brief summary of the masters under which he has studied.

1. Loppön Gyelpo
Born in the Wood Sheep year of 1955, Rinpoche’s dharma career began at the tender age of 4, under the tutelage of his famous yogin father, Gargyi Wangchug, also known as Loppön Gyelpo. Here he learned the basics of dharma, as well as the Longchen Nyingtig system. He also learned the chö system of the great female master, Shukseb Rinpoche (Rigdzin Ani Wongmo) from this father, who was her direct disciple. After five years of training in the Nyingtig system, he completed the Foundation Practices (Ngondro) and accomplished a number of retreats under the guidance of his lama. When he was 21 years old, he was installed as Dorje Loppön of Sangye Teng monastery. Shortly after, his father and teacher entered the Pure Buddha realms.

2. Do Chag Tulku
Do Chag Tulku taught Tsewong Rinpoche the scriptures and traditional texts associated the Mahayana teachings, including the Seven Points of Mind Training, and Prajnaparamita.

3. ChoYing Rinpoche
From ChoYing Rinpoche, he received the transmission of the Kanjur, the 108 volumes of the Buddha’s teachings, along with the Seven Treasures of Longchen Rabjam, the famous collection of teachings of the Nyingma tradition. He then obtained training in the Three Cycle of Chö, and the Hundred Peaceful and Wrathful Deity (Shi Tro) empowerment, transmission and teachings of Karma Lingpa. Under Cho Ying Rinpoche he received and practiced the Longchen Nyingtik Ngondro and its associated commentary, the Kunzang Lamay Shal Lung (Words of My Perfect Teacher), as well as ongoing personal instruction from this teacher.

4. Sam Ling Rinpoche
Sam Ling Tulku Rinpoche transmitted the dharma cycle of the Great Treasure Revealer, Ja Tsön Nyingpo to Rinpoche, and brought him through the various stages of Dzog Chen, the teachings of the Great Perfection.

5. Dudjom Rinpoche
With Dudjom Rinpoche, Sitar Rinpoche received the entire corpus of teachings on the in the Tersar and Peling traditions. Dudjom Rinpoche prophesied in his writing that Tsewong Rinpoche was the incarnation of the Nubchen Sangye Yeshe, one of the disciples of Guru Rinpoche, and an extraordinarily powerful tantric magician.

6. Dilgo Kyentse
One of the great saints of the 20th century, Dilgo Kyentse furthered Tsewong’s training in the subtleties of Nyingtig system of Jigmé Lingpa. He also confirmed Tsewong Rinpoche as an emanation of Nubchen Rinpoche.

7. Dodrup Chen Rinpoche
From DoDrup Chen, the holder of the Nyingtig lineage, he received many great cycles of the Nyingma tradition in the 1980’s, including the the Terdzo, Nyingtig Yabshi, Zo dun and Kama transmissions.

8. PeGyal Lingpa Rinpoche
Tsewong Rinpoche, had the great fortune to meet the renowned Treasure revealer and meditation master, Pegyal Lingpa. From this enlightened yogi of the non-monastic lineage, he received the entire cycle of empowerments, transmissions and teachings of the five volumes of his treasure, the Kusum Gongdu (the Three Kayas of the Guru’s Mind). He also transmitted the cycle of the terton king, Guru Chöwong (1212- 1273) and that of Rigdzin Jatson Nyinpo. PeGyal Lingpa became Rinpoche’s teacher, confirming in writing his reincarnation from Nubchen Rinpoche. He also prophesied that Jampal Shinjé was Tsewong Rinpoche’s main yidam or meditational deity. On PeGyal Rinpoche’s passing, Rinpoche became his successor and lineage holder, as confirmed by Kyentse Rinpoche and DoDrup Chen.

9. Lama Naljor
Under another great yogi, Lama Naljor Rinpoché, Tsewong Sitar trained in the highest teachings of Dzogchen, the Great Perfection, as well as teachings in the Six Doctrines of Naropa (Naro Chö Druk).

10. Aja Lama (1921-2005)
Dorje Lingpa was a great treasure revealer of the ancient path, and established many teachings and monastic centers in Tibet and Bhutan. However, in modern times, the glorious tradition of Dorje Lingpa has ceased to exist outside of Bhutan. From Aja Lama Rinpoche, Tsewong Rinpoche received the lineages that came through subsequent generations of teachers stretching back to Dorje Lingpa himself (the Long Lineage). He also obtained the stream of teachings issuing from Kyentse Wongpo (1820-1892) had received revelations and mind transmissions from Dorje Lingpa (the Short Lineage). Tsewong Rinpoche and his colleague Lama Kelzang sponsored the transmission of this heritage in 2003, and are the last lineage holders of these two streams. They are now instituting projects to preserve the writings (28 volumes) and transmission of these great works.

11. Jé Khen Rinpoche
Finally, Rinpoche received all teachings and empowerments of the Drukpa Kagyu from his Holiness Tulku Jigme Chöda, the 70th supreme Abbot of Bhutan.

Rinpoche currently visits North America for several months each year, teaching in San Francisco, Memphis, New York, Florida, Oregon and at various centers around the country. He is also the main Eastern teacher for the School of Tibetan Healing Chö.

Recently he has designated his America seat as SangNgak ChoKor Ling: the Path of Secret Mantra. The non-monastic approach is particularly appropriate for Western students, as it is about integrating profound spiritual knowledge and practices with the chaos and confusion of the daily world. Rinpoche has students in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Colorado, Florida and New York.

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