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Guhyasamaja Completion Stage Yoga Retreat

Posted: Tue Jul 05, 2011 5:01 am
by tummo
Drupon Thinley Ningpo
Guhyasamaja Completion Stage Yoga Retreat
Vajrapani Empowerment
  • Guhyasamaja Perfect Yoga Empowerment
    Guhyasamaja Five Stages of Arising
    Completion Stage Teachings
July 21-24, 2011
Bristol, Vermont

Thursday, July 22
Empowerment of Vajrapani, Tamer of Elemental Spirits

The empowerment and sadhana of this important yidam deity come from the Drigung Kagyu master Rigdzin Chokyi Dragpa. Vajrapani, also known as the Lord of Secrets, plays a central role in vajrayana. Vajrapani, synonymous in essence with Vajrasattva, acts as the requester and guardian of all the teachings of secret mantra. The practice of Vajrapani can be traced back to the very origins of Vajrayana and has been practiced widely throughout Tibet. The particular form of Vajrapani from this empowerment is black in color, with two arms holding a vajra and noose, and utilizes the essential mantra of Hung Benzar Phet. It was Vajrapani who first transmitted the practice of Guhyasamaja to the human and naga realms.

Time: 7 PM
Sug. Don. $30
Location: 2 Elm St. Bristol, VT

Friday, July 23
Empowerment of Guhyasamaja, The Perfect Yoga
The practice of Guhyasamaja, or the 'Gathering of Secrets', is undoubtedly one of the oldest forms of mahayoga or annutarayoga tantra. It is an essential practice in both the Nyingma and Sarma traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Guhyasamaja has been practiced both widely in India and Tibet by many Mahasiddhas and continues to be practiced to this very day. This particular empowerment is of the Guhyasamaja from the tradition of Lalitavajra, an Indian mahasiddha associated both with the teachings of the Nyingma traditions and the Sarma traditions, and was also said to be a disciple of the great Tilopa. This practice of Guhyasamaja is the two-armed Akshobhya Sahaja Guhyasamaja in union with Vajra Dhatvishvari, or the 'Vajra Queen of Space'. The empowerment and sadhana come from a collection of four key annutarayoga tantra deities (Guhyasamaja, Cakrasamvara, Hevajra, and Kalacakra) put together by the Drigung Kagyu master Rigdzin Chokyi Dragpa, entitled the Perfect Yoga.

Time: 6:30 PM
Sug. Don. $30
Location: 2 Elm St. Bristol, VT

Saturday-Sunday, July 24-25
Heart's Blood Instructions of the Five Stages Of the Completion Stage of Guhyasamaja By Jigten Sumgön
& The Guhyasamaja Section of the Essential Meaning of the Annutarayoga Tantra Completion Stage,
The Profound Upadesha By Rigdzin Chökyi Dragpa

These two complementary texts reveal the essence of the Kagyu tradition of practicing the Guhyasamaja completion stage. Such instructions are widely known as the Heart's Blood Instructions of the Five Stages. These five stages represent vital elements to the entire formula of tantric Buddhism and were practiced and commented on widely throughout India and Tibet, by such master's like Nagarjuna, Aryadeva, Marpa Chökyi Lodrö, and many others. The five stages of the Guhyasamaja completion stage are as follows:

1. Vajra Recitation of Om Ah Hung (or the Isolation of Speech)
2. Isolating the Conceptual Mind (together with pranayama)
3. Illusory Body (including the practice of Dream Yoga)
4. Luminosity
5. Union

The first text from Jigten Sumgön's collected works contains many of Marpa's own words and advice on these five stages. The second text by Rigdzin Chökyi Dragpa was designed specifically to compliment the generation stage sadhana of Guhyasamaja entitled the Perfect Yoga with the Guhyasamaja completion stage practices of the five stages. Furthermore, it should be noted that such instructions formed the very basis for much of the material in the famous Six Dharmas of Nāropa. The teachings from these two texts will be a rare opportunity to receive an introduction to the heart of the ancient vajrayana practices of the completion stage.

Time: 9:30-12 & 2:30-5 PM Both Days
Sug. Don.- $120
Location: 2 Elm St. Bristol, VT

For those attending the complete Retreat
(July 21-24) the suggested donation is $175.

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