Chod Distance Learning Program in 6 Modules

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Chod Distance Learning Program in 6 Modules

Post by phantom59 » Fri Aug 26, 2011 6:00 pm

Teaching : Chod Distance Learning Program in 6 Modules
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Cost per Module : US$275 + Shipping
Teachers :
Lama Jigmé Jinpa (Dr Asa Hershoff) is an ordained Ngakpa (white-robed Tantric Practitioner) of both the Kagyu and Nyingmapa lineages. He first took refuge with His Holiness the 16th Karmapa in 1980. In the same year, he met Kalu Rinpoche while on a pilgrimage to India, which eventually led to his undertaking the traditional lama trainingthe 3-year 3-month meditation retreat from 1986-89. A seasoned chöpa, he has practiced Vajrayana for over 30 years

Lama Tsewong Sitar Rinpoche is the head of the historic Sangye Teng Monastery in eastern Bhutan. He began his studies at the tender age of four, under the tutelage of his renowned father, learning Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan reading and writing. Having spent more than twenty years in meditative retreat in his Himalayan hermitage, he was recognized as a reincarnation of Nubchen Sangye Yeshe

Lama Tobchen is a renowned and sought after chant-master (Umdzé), with a powerful and melodious singing and chanting voice. A full time ritualist or pujari, he spends much of his days in performing specialized rituals for those in need. These include practices for averting sickness, subduing conflict, death and dying rituals, long-life sadhanas, wealth pujas and a vast spectrum of specialized rites.
His personal practice and focus is the meditation and ritual cycle of Troma Chö.

Over the years we have received requests to have our trainings in England, Scandinavia, South America, New Zealand and even South Africa. The difficulty in traveling to all these places is obvious. Moreover, many people have wanted to attend our trainings in America, but time and the expense of travel and lodging can be a real obstacles. Now, through our Distance Learning Program, any suitable student anywhere in the world can access these extraordinary teachings and trainings.

In order to make these precious teachings available to the widest possible audience, the entire comprehensive training in Chöd is being offering as a distance learning model. Students receive all texts, slides, sound files of teachings and sadhanas, as well as live online transmissions and empowerments. Thus suitable practitioners anywhere in the world can now draw great benefit from this training, and ultimately spread these teachings even further.

The Distance model also allows ongoing contact with the students. There will be discussions and Q & A sessions, either as webinars (via computer) and/or teleseminars (via phone). The new Chod youtube channel and Chö internet TV channel will also nurture the ongoing relationship between students and teachers.

Since an empowerment is a live, mind-to-mind transmission, this cannot be received through a book or recording. However, through modern technology, students can now receive this blessing stream in real time, via their computer. This method has already been used form many years by lamas such as Namkai Norbu Rinpoche, with great effect. We will be broadcast the empowerment via Telestream, at a time convenient for the Western Hemisphere, with an additional Eastern Hemisphere broadcast if there is enough demand.

Tsewong Rinpoche will transmit the Opening the Sky Door Empowerment (Namkai Go Je) from the Precious Rosary Collection (Rinchen Tsogley Trengwa) collection, the oldest Chöd empowerment, directly from the oral tradition of MaChik.

Ddiscover a vast and profound reservoir of methods for benefiting oneself and others. Through progressive studies, participants will become conversant with all the texts associated with the MaChik, Nyingtig and Dudjom systems, as well as that of other treasure revealors. With live trainings and distance learning modules one can can receive a comprehensive trainings as a Chöpa; And gain the ability to take the brilliance and power of this ancient, yet living tradition into the complexity and chaos of modern life.

MODULE 1:Entering the Mandala
Training in the basic principles of Cho background, ritual structure,
offerings, guests, etc
The meaning, function and use of damaru, kangling and bell.
Machik Yidam practice, 2 essential short Chö practices, and more.

MODULE 2: Machik Tradition
Training in the daily Lujin, as practiced in the Kagyu tradition
the Chod Ngondro of Shuksep Ani Lochen
The 13 Red and White Feasts
The short Chöd Cham or sacred dance

MODULE 3: Nyingtik Tradition
Training in the Laughter of the Dakinis
Teachings on the Nyensa, Environmental Healing.
Advanced demonology; recognizing and dealing with uprisings.

MODULE 4: The Grand Cycles
Training in the Rinpoche Tsogley Trengwa and other day-long practices.
Chö protector practice, Kangwa, dakini practice, guru yoga.
The meaning of tsok; Using the RTT as a short daily practice, and more

MODULE 5: The Healing Rituals
Training in the 4 main healing rituals of MaChik.
The meaning of Ransom and the practice of torma making.
Introduction to Elemental Healing in relation to Chö.

MODULE 6: The Dudjom Tradition
Lujin and daily practice of Dudjom Lingpa’s tradition.
The Four Feasts and Troma Yidam practice (Ngondro).
Introduction to the full day Dudjom Troma Chöd.

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Re: Chod Distance Learning Program in 6 Modules

Post by Pero » Sat Aug 27, 2011 10:54 pm

This is very interesting. I'd give it a shot if it were cheaper and, more importantly, if I had opportunity and more desire to practice Chod.
Although many individuals in this age appear to be merely indulging their worldly desires, one does not have the capacity to judge them, so it is best to train in pure vision.
- Shabkar

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