P'howa Retreat with Chagdud Khadro, October 1-2

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P'howa Retreat with Chagdud Khadro, October 1-2

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P'howa Retreat with Chagdud Khadro, October 1-2

Event : P’howa Retreat
Date : October 1-2
Venue : E-Vam Institute
Address : 171 Water Street, Chatham, NY 12037
Website : [url]http://www.evam.org/url]

P’howa: Transference of Consciousness

P’howa practice teaches us to transfer our consciousness from one state to another so that we can direct it from our body at the time of death into the exalted realm of Amitabha. This state is renowned for greatly helping with the furtherance of our spiritual development and ensures we do not die in a state of spiritual uncertainty. This practice also provides the consummate method for helping others at the time of death.

Chagdud Khadro
was the wife of the late Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche for many years and she studied P’howa practice extensively under his guidance. Chagdud Khadro has served as spiritual director of the Chagdud Gonpa centers in Latin America since 2002 and she is currently serving as lama-in-residence at Rigdzin Ling, Chagdud Gompa’s main center in North America. Chagdud Khadro is a female teacher of great wisdom and experience and this is a unique opportunity to receive her instructions in the transfer of consciousness. Chagdud Khadro will also give an empowerment into Amitabha Buddha as a support for the p’howa instructions.

For further information, please contact E-Vam Institute on (518) 392-6900 or office@evam.org

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