White Tara - a Nyintang Retreat

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White Tara - a Nyintang Retreat

Post by Mr. G » Thu Feb 16, 2012 4:04 pm

White Tara - a Nyintang Retreat

Creating Image of White Tara
with meditation and mantra recitation
with Andy Weber
Two weekends:
March 16 - 18
March 23 - 25
Friday evening through Sunday 5pm

This retreat will be dedicated to the long life of Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche.

Nyintang paintings are small sized paintings created over a 24 hour period together with non-stop (often silent) mantra recitation and prayers. From the start of the drawing all the way to the blessing ceremony, the merit and positive energy is dedicated to the long life, and health of a particular human being, for instance a high lama or sick person.

Beginners will learn to draw a long life deity in a small size, while advanced students will use all their gained knowledge to complete a miniature thangka. Students will be taught how to use natural colours to increase the healing power of the painting.

This will be a strict retreat - silence, except for giving and receiving instructions, will be observed.
No drop-ins. Students must commit to attend all sessions of the retreat.

Students will receive:
- hands-on-instructions to draw and paint the deity
- learn the deeper symbolism of the figure through slideshows, lectures and meditation.

Drawing the deity will bring you a step closer to visualizing the deity. Meditations and mantra session will help the participants to gain an intuitive understanding of the art and its objective.

This art course is suitable for:
- beginners and advanced students of Buddhism
- for beginners with no drawing experience to skilled artist and professionals
No artistic talent needed! Genuine perseverance and interest in the subject preferred.

Andy Weber, the famous painter of Tibetan thangka art and highly respected for his practical teaching abilities, has kindly agreed to return and lead a White Tara Nyintang retreat over two weekends.

Andy is an experienced master who has not only skill in drawing and explaining the techniques, but also in leading meditations and providing insights into the subject matter. 
 His art lectures are always fascinating and wonderfully informative. His art class style is very emotionally supportive and nurturing and his knowledge of technique and iconography unsurpassed.

Do come along and take advantage of this rare opportunity.

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Re: White Tara - a Nyintang Retreat

Post by Josef » Thu Feb 16, 2012 8:28 pm

That's a cool idea.
Kye ma!
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