Lu Jong: Tibetan Healing Movement in Vancouver and Seattle

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Lu Jong: Tibetan Healing Movement in Vancouver and Seattle

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Lu Jong is an precious Tibetan self-healing practice from the Buddhist Tantrayana and Bon traditions.

With this one practice we work with several dimensions of the self simultaneously–-body, mind and energy–-to achieve clarity and openness. This series of movements gently works with the spine, the guardian of our being, and opens the body channels by releasing blockages and mobilizing misdirected energies. In this way, we can effectively combat disease, transform our negative emotions and increase our vitality.

Rooted in Tibetan Medicine, Lu Jong promotes health by balancing the vital substances of the body, which directly affects the mind. In this way, we cultivate body awareness, mental focus and calmness. This is the foundation of spiritual practice.
Experience directly how the body is a vehicle to reach higher states of mind, and our Buddha nature.

Taught by Farrah Garan in the tradition of Tulku Lobsang.
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The Five Elements Movements
Saturday, March 10th
1 - 4 pm. $40
Prana Yoga College" onclick=";return false;
This is a three hour workshop on the Five Elements Movements of Lu Jong. Both theory and practice will be included. Learn the movement practice, as well principles of Tibetan Medicine, Tantrayana Buddhism and the subtle body system.

Free Introduction: Sunday, Feb 26th. 1 - 2:30 pm

Six Week Series (covering all 23 movements of LU JONG LEVEL 1)
Sundays, 4 - 6:30 pm.
March 18th - April 22nd. $90" onclick=";return false;

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