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ME - Treetop Zen Center

Post by Qian Zheng Yi » Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:42 pm

From The Treetop Zen Center in Maine:

Treetop Zen Center provides a place to practice Zen meditation in central Maine, close to both Waterville and Augusta. There are meditation sessions twice weekly (Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings), weekend retreats, and two annual week-long retreats. We welcome you to attend any event at any time. If you've not had any background or experience in sitting (meditation), someone from Treetop will show you how. Plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to any scheduled sit to allow time for instruction. The practice at Treetop is relaxed. Dharma talks are given most Saturdays, and private interviews are available to all.

Upcoming Events
Zen & Deep Ecology Wilderness Retreat: Paradise Below Zero
March 9–11, 2012
The winter landscape provides a contemplative space for cold weather experiences.
FMI and registration

Mud Season Weekend Retreat
April 13–15, 2012
This weekend retreat is an extended silent practice including service, zazen, daisan, dharma talks, samu (work practice), and oryoki meals. It begins at 7:00 p.m. on Friday and concludes at noon on Sunday.
E-mail for more information and/or to register.

Zen & Deep Ecology Wilderness Retreat: The Edge of the City
May 11–13, 2012
This trip explores the intersection of the city of Portland and the natural environment beyond urban space.
FMI and registration

Zen & Deep Ecology Wilderness Retreat: Acadia National Park
September 14–16, 2012
Nowhere on the east coast of the U.S. do we have the spectacular marriage of mountains and ocean that exists at Acadia National Park. From tidal flats and pools to mountaintops we will hike, sit, experience and contemplate this spectacular and unique area.
FMI and registration

Zen & Deep Ecology Wilderness Retreat: Nahmakanta
October 19–21, 2012
In Nahmakanta it is possible to find true quiet, absolutely free of the sounds of mechanized human activity. We will walk in silence among these hills and sit in quietude by the ponds. We will experience what few persons in 21st century America will ever know —deep connection with land that is still wild.
FMI and registration

2012 Residential Zen Training Program
Treetop is now accepting applications for residencies.
FMI and application" onclick=";return false;

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