8/29 - 9/1: Rinzai Zen sesshin in Laufen, Germany

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8/29 - 9/1: Rinzai Zen sesshin in Laufen, Germany

Post by Meido » Tue May 28, 2013 9:37 pm

The Rinzai Zen Community (http://www.rinzaizen.org) will conduct its annual summer sesshin in Germany, Thursday evening 8/29 through Sunday morning 9/1. The venue is the Kapuzinerhof in Laufen, a restored 17th century Capuchin monastery. Salzburg is a conveniently close airport.

This sesshin is geared toward beginners, and so is ideal for those who haven't attended a sesshin before. Participants stay on-site and must attend the entire practice period.

Please email to info@rinzaizen.org if you're interested in coming.

~ Meido
Even though you have attained insight into the True Nature (kensho), there is yet the barrier of differentiation, and there is the One Path of Advanced Practice. If you have not yet even seen into the True Nature, what a lot there is yet to do! - Torei

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