Vajrkila Seminar with Martin Boord (Lama Ogyen Rigzin Dorje)

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Vajrkila Seminar with Martin Boord (Lama Ogyen Rigzin Dorje)

Post by thokmay » Thu Aug 07, 2014 7:06 pm

Vajrkila Seminar with Martin Boord (Lama Ogyen Rigzin Dorje) / September 2014

A rare opportunity for practitioners of Vajrakila, the Buddha of Activities, to receive instruction in the meditation, rituals and history of this compassionate practice directly in English
from a highly qualified Lama and scholar of this tradition.

Martin Boord has been fully trained in these profound teachings by Chimed Rigdzin Rinpoche, Dudjom Rinpoche and many other masters.
He has finished the traditional meditation retreats under their guidance and has dedicated his life to the study, practice and translation of the ancient Sanskrit and Tibetan texts relating to Vajrakila.

Martin Boord has started a two-year series of weekend retreats for the proper in-depth study and practice of Vajrakīla.
(March 2014, September 2014, March 2015, September 2015, and March 2016)

From the triple maṇḍala of Vajrakila, the focus for this weekend seminar will be the fundamental maṇḍala of the dharmakaya.
Studying and applying the practice texts of the Northern Treasures tradition (Byang gter phur pa), we will investigate the method of integrating this dharmakaya maṇḍala into every aspect of our lives.
This retreat is open to all those who have received Vajrakila empowerments, in any school.

This event is the second of five seminars on Vajrakila and will start on Friday evening, Sat. and Sunday September 19-21,
at Neckarstrassenzentrum, Neckastr. 12, 12053 Berlin/Germany

Time schedule:

19.09. - 18:00 Explanations of the Byangter Phurba practice
20.09. - 10:00 Explanations of the Byangter Phurba practice
21.09. - 10:00 Explanations and Practice of Byangter Phurba

Pre registration would be nice !

Contact and Infos:

khordong(at)" onclick=";return false;

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