Rigzin Dupa Drupchen 2017 in Dharma City, Belgium

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Rigzin Dupa Drupchen 2017 in Dharma City, Belgium

Post by KalzangNorlha » Mon Feb 13, 2017 5:00 am

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Guided by Dzogchen Ranyak Patrul Rinpoche
with the presence of Lopöns Tsering Gönpo & Jampa Norgyal
DHARMA CITY (Belgium), 28 February – 10 March, 2017

We are happy to anounce that registration for Rigzin Dupa Drupchen 2017 is now open.
Rigzin Dupa Drupchen is belong to Longchen Nyinthik Cycle and we are performing it according with tradition in Dzogchen Monastery.
The feature of Drupchens in Dharma City that members of Rinpoche's International Community are mainly lay practioners, so there is a chance for everyone to participate in each part of drupchen.

This year we will have three days for preparatory course, so everyone who wish to join us will get opportunity to study how to join the sadhana, perform mudras, keep mandala and chant melody.
All details of event you will find here: http://zpi.patrulrinpoche.net/rigdzindupa-drupchen-2017
We would be happy to welcome everyone who wish to join to our mandala.

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