Summer course with TDR: Relaxing in the Nature of Mind, second year

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Summer course with TDR: Relaxing in the Nature of Mind, second year

Post by SETI » Wed May 17, 2017 7:19 pm

Danakosha has the great joy of announcing that this year the summer course on Longchen Rabjam's great work Relaxing in the Nature of Mind will be continued in Jokioinen, Finland. With great kindness Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche has agreed to lead us through this work over a five year period.
As a basis for the teachings is Lonchenpa's Great Chariot which is an autocommentary on the root text Relaxing in the Nature of Mind.

This year will feature...

Following an Authentic Master, Going for Refuge, Aspirational Bodhicitta

Chapter five presents in great detail how to rely on an authentic master. If either the genuine or fabricated thought to be free from samsara arises, it is important to rely on an authentic master for the method of liberation, just as it is necessary to rely on an experienced physician to remove a long-standing chronic illness.
Chapter six presents going for refuge. Once it is understood there is no essence in the phenomena of samsara, the wish for liberation arises.

Because going for refuge is the foundation of the path of freedom, once one meets an authentic master who can show one the path, it is necessary to receive an extensive explanation of the causes and results of going for refuge and the means by which persons of greater, medium and average capacity go for refuge in the Three Jewels.
Chapter seven presents the training on the four immeasurables and aspirational bodhicitta. According to the teachings on the refuge of the greater person, the thought to attain happiness and peace merely for oneself is incorrect because all sentient beings have been connected with oneself in past lives. Thus, it is necessary to generate precious bodhicitta in order to have the courage to free all sentient beings from suffering and place them in happiness.

Let us rejoice that this five-year course is happening and that we will make connection with the words and meaning of this precious teachings.

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