Patrul Rinpoche in Hong Kong May 15-17, 2015

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Patrul Rinpoche in Hong Kong May 15-17, 2015

Post by KalzangNorlha » Tue May 12, 2015 9:48 am

What is the true meaning of the word "Love"

Everyday, we tell each other "I love you!”, but without really knowing what it means.
Many religions talk about love. "Love is everything", "love is everywhere”, "love is every phenomenon", "love is Buddha", "love is God"... But what does love really mean?

According to Patrul Rinpoche's explanation, "Love does not exist outside: it is coming from our own mind. It does not have any size or colour, but at the same time it is very big, very colourful... If you want to research it, it does not exist, but at the same time it is very workable and functional. Love has always been within us since beginningless time, but we have never recognised its essence..."

During this public talk, Patrul Rinpoche will develop this subject by following the explanations of the great enlightened masters of the past and will present it to us in a comprehensible way. Rinpoche would like to invite everyone to come to discover what true love really means. He will teach in English and will be interpreted in Cantonese.

- Free of charge
- Conference room: Venus
- Tel: 3421 2231;

The conference will be followed by a W-E teaching on Patrul Rinpoche's book "The Words of my Perfect Teacher":

During the next Week-End (16-17 May), Patrul Rinpoche will teach on the basis of The Words of my Perfect Teacher, a composition of the first Patrul Rinpoche (1808-1887), commenting mainly the first part which focuses on the four thoughts that turn the mind away from suffering. These modes of thinking are very powerful methods to develop fundamental human qualities and the right attitude towards others on our path to happiness. They are also the entry door to a steadfast spiritual practice.

It is often argued—depending on one’s own view—that Buddhism is not a religion, a philosophy, or a science. Patrul Rinpoche usually defines Buddhism as the science of true nature, and is always keen to discuss aspects of contemporary sciences with the audience and with scientists in particular. Hence he will dedicate some time during the Week-End to this dialogue between buddhists and scientists.

- Conference Room: Mars
- Schedule: 11am – 1pm; 3pm – 5pm
- Free of charge
- further information:, Tel: 3421 2231,

The W-E teaching will be preceded by a conference on "The true meaning of the word Love":

17/F Tung Shing Building, 41 Lockart Road, Wan Chai, Hong-Kong


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