Pilgrimage to Dzachuka 2011 July 7-31

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Pilgrimage to Dzachuka 2011 July 7-31

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Event : Pilgrimage to Dzachuka 2011
Date : July 7-31 2011
Poster : http://xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/12969347/6 ... 1Flyer.pdf" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; Website : http://www.kilung.org/pages/about/kilung-foundation.htm" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Pilgrimage to Dzachuka, Summer 2007 :
http://dzachukapilgrimage.wordpress.com/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

At the height of Tibet's magnificent summer splendor, stroll among the fragrant herbs and wild flowers carpeting these rolling green grassland mountains. Meet original culture Tibetan nomads and monastics, friends and family of Kilung Rinpoche. Overlooking continuous mountain views, meditate and inhale the pure and rarified air of this spiritually infused domain.

The trip will feature~
• Retreat days at Kilung Monastery where Rinpoche will teach the dharma.
• Touring caves and hermitages of Dzachuka, including Patrul Rinpoche, and other Nyingma masters.
• Circumambulating the two longest mani walls in the world: Kilung's Mura Mani Wall, and Patrul Rinpoche's Mani Wall.
• One-day horse trek to festival grounds.
• World Peace Sang Day and mini-horse festival
• Driving the new road to the high pasture grounds, summer home to the nomads and their herds, meeting these people and camping among them.
• Stopping at breathtaking Dzogchen Monastery.
• Visiting one of the great monasteries of Kham as a several-day jeep trip, with lama visit.
• Visiting the Tibetan towns of Kyekundo, Sershul, and Ganze.
• Meeting the monks and ani's of Kilung Monastery.

July 7 - Fly to Xining via Beijing or other city.
July 8-10 - Fly to Kyekundo, resting in a camp to acclimatize to altitude, about 12,000 feet.
Visit earthquake-striken town of Kyegundo.
July 11-13 - Drive to Sershul, staying at Kilung's new Tibetan architecture house. Rest and explore Sershul town
July 14 - Ride by horseback from Sershul, directly over the mountains, crossing Dzachu Bridge, to festival grounds by Dzachu River, or go by jeep. Stop for picnic.
July 15-16 - World Sang Day Festival, camping near Dzachu River, partake of festivities such as fire puja, lama dancing, horse and yak racing, horse blessing, picnicing. Full moon.
July 17-18 - Tour Dzachu Valley, caves and hermitages of Longchen Nyingtik masters, two mammoth mani walls, including world's longest.
July 19-21 - Drive by jeep to high pastures of Kilung nomad tribe, meet nomads, camp.
July 22-24 - Retreat at Kilung Monastery, tour ani gonpa, hike to sacred Jigme Lingpa footprint site at top of mountain. Receive teachings from Kilung Rinpoche. Camping.
July 25 - Drive to Tibetan "cowboy" town of Ganze, visiting the great Dzogchen Monastery on the way. Soak in Ganze hot springs. Overnight in hotel.
July 26-27 - Visit one of the great monasteries or gars (encampments) of Kham, with lama visit.
July 28 - Head back to Sershul & overnight at house.
July 29 - Drive to Kyeku & camp overnight.
July 30 - Fly to Xining & overnight in hotel.

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