Tenga Rinpoche's 80th Birthday Celebrations, April 13

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Tenga Rinpoche's 80th Birthday Celebrations, April 13

Post by phantom59 » Sat Apr 09, 2011 7:17 am

Event : HE Tenga Rinpoche's Birthday Celebrations
Date : April 13
Venue : Benchen Phuntsok Dargyeling, Katmandu, Nepal
Website : http://www.benchen.org/en/monastery-nep ... ation.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
Poster : http://www.benchen.org/mediapool/pdf/tr_80.pdf" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche's birthday celebrations begin in Benchen Monastery, Kathmandu, Nepal on 8th April 2011. There will be two morning sessions of intensive White Tara, Dolma Ngoedrub Kuntshol (the Tara who bestows all accomplishment) practice and two afternoon sessions of Tsheringma (the female protector of Milarepa) practice. Merits and dedications of long-life will be offered to Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche on 13th April from 8.30 am. These will be offered through the representations of Mandala, body, speech, mind, quality and activities.

There will be a birthday-cake cutting ceremony in the afternoon and this will be followed by cultural performances.The intensive practice of White Tara and Tsheringma will conclude with the Tsheringma Puja in the late evening.
Disciples and Dharma friends in South-East Asia and Europe will also be celebrating Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche's 80th birthday at their respective centres on different dates throughout 2011. This idea was mooted to enable everybody to join in this joyous and auspicious occasion.

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