Namcho Dzogchen Ngondro Practice July 2011 to June 2012

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Namcho Dzogchen Ngondro Practice July 2011 to June 2012

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Event : Namcho Dzogchen Ngondro Practice
Date : July 2011 to June 2012
Venue : Palyul Nyingma Buddhist Assosiation
Address : 721 Geylang Road
Map : ... ite_50798/" onclick=";return false;
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Programme :

Part 1
1st Week of July 2011
1) Oral Transmission on Namcho Ngondro
2) Outer Preliminaries Teaching & Contemplation.
> Precious Human Rebirth & Meditate
> Impermanence
> Karma
> Suffering in Cyclic Existence
3) Inner Preliminaries Teaching:
Refuge & Bodhicitta
July - September
Group Practice: Refuge & Bodhicitta

Part 2
1st Week of October 2011
Inner Preliminaries Teaching: Mandala Offering &
weekend half day retreat
October - December
Group Practice: Mandala Offering

Part 3
1st Week of January 2012
Inner Preliminaries Teaching: Vajrasattva Purification &
weekend half day retreat
January - March 2012
Group Practice: Vajrasattva Purification

Part 4
1st Week of April 2012
Inner Preliminaries Teaching: Guru Yoga & weekend half day retreat
April - June
Group Practice: Guru Yoga

Namcho (Space Treasure) Dzogchen Ngondro, also known as “Buddha in the Palm of the Hand.” It is a profound preliminary practice known as "Four Foundations", revealed by Terton Migyur Dorje, who primarily received from Arya Avalokiteshvara and Guru Rinpoche. Migyur Dorje then transmitted it to Karma Chagmed Rinpoche, the treasure holder Rigzin Kunzang Sherab, the 1st Throneholder of Palyul lineage and so on, in a pure unbroken lineage up to the present day.

The actual practice consists of outer and inner preliminaries practice. The outer preliminaries aim to turn the mind towards Dharma through contemplating the precious human rebirth, impermanence, the law of cause and effect (karma) and suffering in cyclic existence. This is the most fundamental and important part of the practice where it helps to prepare one's mind towards the Dharma before starting with inner preliminaries practice.The inner preliminaries practices consist of refuge in the three precious jewels - the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha; Bodhicitta - the practice of the six perfections and generate aspirations to realize Enlightenment for the sake of all sentient beings; offering the Mandala, to reduce attachment and accumulate merits through skilful means; Vajrasattva, purification of obscurations through wisdom; and Guru Yoga, receiving the blessing through which one can attain Enlightenment in a single lifetime.

The Namcho Ngondro practice, when completed removes many of the basic obscurations of body, speech and mind and helps to develop inner wisdom. It is an important and necessary foundation for one to receive higher practice like Dzogchen. It also has the potential of awakening the seed of enlightenment in the practitioner.

Namcho Ngondro Course Requirement

1) To attend all teachings and half day weekend retreat.
2) To attend weekly group practice on every Wednesday at 8.00pm.
3) Have taken The Three Refuge Vows.
4) Complete at least 10,000 repetitions for each inner preliminaries practice within one year course.

* In order to complete one whole set of ngondro practice, students have to complete 100,000 repetitions for each practices. They can try to complete it at their own pace.

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