Naga Wealth Vases Puja June 26 9am

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Naga Wealth Vases Puja June 26 9am

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Event : Naga Wealth Vases Puja
Date : June 26
Time : 9:00am -1:30pm
Meeting point : Marina South Pier 1
Map : ... el_site_4/" onclick=";return false;
Website : ... gaPuja.htm" onclick=";return false;

Nagas are a kind of long-lived serpent like beings with miraculous powers.Naga
vase puja will increase wealth and human race. Karma and merits of humans are
dependent upon Earth deities and Nagas. Therefore, if we please them, they will
help us beyond imagination.

The Nagas vases will be consecrated with countless substances including a type
of very rare and sacred preparation. Finally, the Naga vases will be blesed by
Rinpoche and Lamas. Upon completion, the wealth vases becomes a favorable abode
for the nagas to dwell in happiness. As such they will seek to benefit the
virtuous individuals who have offered the Naga vases, thus ultimately brining
immeasurable merit accumulation as well as countless benefits and good luck.

Benefit from participating in the Naga wealth vases puja:-

1) Obstacles and sickness will be eliminated and one will have good health and
2) Always encounter good friends and spiritual masters.
3) Good harvest of the five grains (generic term for all grains or specially,
wheat, rice beans, and two type of millet)
4) Accomplish one's dharma practice without obstacles
5) Bring happiness, peace and harmony to one's family and home country
Important points to note for all participants:

*Participants have to commit to a vegetarian diet at least on 1 day prior to the
Naga Puja, as this is considered a precept of the event.
*Participants are advised to be modestly dresses, and no animal products (eg:
leather belt etc) should be worn or carried on board.

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