Grand Puja Of Purification & Blessings Sep 7-8

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Grand Puja Of Purification & Blessings Sep 7-8

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Event : Grand Puja Of Purification & Blessings
Date : September 7-8 2011
Vajramaster :
His Eminence 9th Kyabje Drukpa Choegon Rinpoche, Thutop Choekyi Wangchuk
Venue : Druk Tharpa Choling
Website :" onclick=";return false;
Address : 19 Love Lane 10200 Penang
Map : ... c9d396&q=1" onclick=";return false;\
Programme :

September 7 7:30pm
Buddha Akshobhya Jangchok Puja
Buddha Akshobhya, one of the Five Wisdom Buddhas, is regarded as especially
powerful for purifying negative karma. Drukpa Choegon Lineage of Dechen Choekhor
holds the main lineage of Buddha Akshobhya

September 8 7.30 pm
King Gesar Empowerment & Dharma Teachings
King Gesar is widely known as a great warrior king and protector of the Dharma.
Gesar practice is especially effective to promote good lifeforce energy, for the
fulfillment and success in one's worldly and spiritual pursues.

At the ultimate level, Gesar is Samantabadra-Vajradhara, the Primordial Rigden
(King of Shambala). Gesar is the embodiment of the three great Bodhisattvas:
Manjushri, Avalokiteshvara, and Vajrapani. He is the emanation of Guru Rinpoche
who manifested as the enlightened warriorking who revived the Buddha's teachings
and re-established the Dharma practices in Central Asia at a time of great
turmoil. He is completely inseparable from Guru Rinpoche and thus can be
practiced as both Yidam and Protector.

Rinpoche received the Gesar's transmission from His three root gurus - 8th
Kyabgon Adeu Rinpoche, H.H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and 8th Kyabgon Khamtrul
Rinpoche who have very close link to King Gesar. Thus, the Gesar Lineage held by
His Eminent is considered very special and precious.

With proper guidance and blessing of one's realized guru couple with diligent
practices, this will lead to inner transformation and eventually progress
towards the awakening of the inherent wisdom and enlightened qualities.

Empowerment is the most powerful blessing that Vajrayana could offer, in which
the Vajra Master supplicate to all the Enlightened Masters of the Lineage to
invoke their Blessings; and subsequently transmit the blessings to the

In order to receive such blessings, the recipients are advise to try their best
to emulate the below essential instructions during empowerment:

The Vajra Master must be viewed as the Deity
The Teaching has to be treated as the Tantra teaching of the Deity, and follow
every instruction of the Vajra Master.
The Recipient has to visualize themselves in the form of the Deity The Time must
be perceived as a continuity that should never be broken
The Place should be viewed as the Mandala or Pureland of the Deity

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