H.E. Choden Rinpoche - Vajravali, Sera Monastery, India 2012

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H.E. Choden Rinpoche - Vajravali, Sera Monastery, India 2012

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Vajravali Cycle of 46 initiations - 2012
Sera Monastery, South India

Please join our "Vajravali Group Pilgrimage 2012 or meet us at Sera Monastery" from January 29th - February 17th 2012.

In 2012 Rinpoche will confer the main part of the Vajra-­Garland containing 38 initiations and blessing rituals of various deities including YAMANTAKA, HERUKA, VAJRAYOGINI, HEVAJRA, KURUKULLA and the FIVE BUDDHA FAMILIES. Vajravali is a cycle of 46 different initiations originating from the great Indian master Abhayakara-­gupta (d.1125) and rearranged by Lama Changkya Ngawang Lozang Choden (1642-­1714).

A Dharma Master is only qualified to give a cycle of initiations if he has received it himself and has done the retreat. In these degenerated times, there is a danger that some lineages will become broken and lost forever. Thus, it is becoming rare to find teachers who are capable of giving the cycles of initiations of the lineages of these great masters. Kyabje Choden Rinpoche is one of the great teachers who is fully qualified to give these kinds of precious teachings.

Please consider attending -- this is a truly a rare opportunity!

There is NO CHARGE for the 19-day Vajravali program, and..

The cost of staying in India, from January 29 to February 17, 2012, is only $580 USD, which includes:

*Pickup at Airport by Sera Monks
*Transportation within India
*3 Vegetarian Meals/Day
*Offerings to Monks
*Pilgrimage to Holy Sites,
.. and more

Vajravali Vows and Commitments:
Daily six-session guru yoga
Recite "om-ah-hum" mantra 7x per day
Bodhisattva and Tantric Vows

ARRIVING IN INDIA: We should land in Bangalore (the closest major airport) and arrive at Sera on January 29th and depart on February 17th , 2012. We will be welcomed and picked up by a Sera Monk at the airport.

ACCOMMODATION: Single rooms are available, but most are double rooms at a guest house inside Sera Monastery. Most rooms have their own bathroom.

PILGRIMAGE SITES: Heruka Holy Site in Mysore, Batapur Mountain, Upper Tantric Monastery, Other Monasteries (more details soon)

COST FOR 19 Days: is $580 USD.

SPONSOR (OPTIONAL): $1000 USD, half will go to sponsoring the Vajravali event/ half to building 35 Monks rooms & a Gompa at Lhopa Khangsten in Sera Monastery.

INSURANCE: You must get your own insurance.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Students are required to sign a "Terms and Conditions" form.

Steps to Register:
The first and most important step is to apply for the Protective Area Permit (PAP) - without this, one cannot stay at Sera.

To apply for this, please email us a copy of your passport photo page, in order to apply for a Recommendation Letter from Sera Monastery. Once we receive the letter from Sera, we can apply to the HH Dalai Lama Bureau in Delhi, which may take 3 months.

This is a great opportunity to learn and practice the Dharma in a truly special environment with our Precious Guru and Teacher, with a mix of Dharma friends from around the world. Those who have attended Rinpoche's teachings at Sera Je Monastery in the past have often become return attendees at the annual Sera Je teachings.

Please register TODAY, and invite other Dharma friends to travel with us to attend this special event with our Precious Guru and Teacher.

For more information Phone +61 2 92830118 or

PLEASE visit http://www.awakeningvajraaustralia.org/ ... ravali2012

We look forward to welcoming you to Sera Monastery.

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