Six Yogas of Naropa with HE Choden Rinpoche Mar29-Apr01 2012

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Six Yogas of Naropa with HE Choden Rinpoche Mar29-Apr01 2012

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Event : Six Yogas of Naropa with His Eminence Choden Rinpoche
Date : March 29 2012(Thursday) to April 1 2012(Sunday)
Venue : Ballman Town Hall, Sydney, Australia
Map : ... ?q=Ballman" onclick=";return false; Town Hall, Sydney
Event : Heruka 5 Deity Initiation
Date : March 24-25
Scheduile : ... e.php#June" onclick=";return false;
Website : ... asofnaropa" onclick=";return false;
Prerequisites: Those attending must have obtained initiation in highest yoga
tantra, you may take the Heruka Initiation. There are no commitments related to
these teachings.
Programme :
The six yogas of Naropa are presented as: Yoga of Tummo, Illusory Body Yoga,
Bardo Yoga, Clear Light Yoga, Dream Yoga, Phowa.

Within the secret treasure house of highest yoga tantra instruction, the six
yogas of Naropa, have long been held most dear to the heart of great yogis.
These extraordinary meditation techniques, transmitted in great secrecy for many
generations, cause the dissolution of all conceptional thoughts, such as fears
and expectations, and allow our true nature of inner peace and great bliss to
manifest. Highest yoga tantra can swiftly lead a practitioner to the state of
enlightenment, that is the union of conventional pure illusory body and ultimate
clear light.

Renowned as a great yogi, scholar, and teacher of our fortunate times, His
Eminence Choden Rinpoche was born on a very auspicious day, the 15 of the Fourth
Month of the lunar calendar in 1931. This day also marked the full moon day of
Saka Dawa that commemorates Buddha Shakyamuni's birth and enlightenment.

Choden Rinpoche is the reincarnation of the previous great mahasiddha Lama
Choden of Rongpo Rabten Monastery in the region of Kham who was then instructed
by the Eleventh Dalai Lama to establish the 1000 Offering Puja of Buddha
Namgyalma (a long life deity) and a debate system for learning the Buddhist
philosophy at his Monastery. Having completed only the first instruction, the
mahasiddha passed into the sphere of Dharma. Coincidentally, when the late
Mahasiddha's brother Gongpo Nyisher took on and established the debate system at
the Monastery, on the very same auspicious day, Choden Rinpoche was incarnated.

Born as one of eight boys and five girls in a noble family from Dahi, the Khampa
region of Eastern Tibet, Rinpoche's connections to past spiritual masters were
evident from early childhood in his exemplary conduct and superior intelligence
as well as in the miraculous signs often witnessed in his presence. Reting
Rinpoche, the Regent of Tibet, officially recognized the small boy as the living
reincarnation of the previous mahasiddha Lama Choden, who had been one of the
finalists in the search for the Thirteen Dalai Lama's reincarnation.

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