Gangteng Tulku leads World Peace Drubchen on Dec 21 2012

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Gangteng Tulku leads World Peace Drubchen on Dec 21 2012

Post by phantom59 » Thu Jan 05, 2012 1:44 pm

One thousand practitioners women and men, monks and nuns - will perform, during
one year from 21 December 2012, an uninterrupted peace ceremony a Drubchen in
central Bhutan.

This ceremony is the longest of its kind ever, and is dedicated to world peace.
In Tibetan Buddhism, a Drubchen is regarded as the most powerful spiritual
practice, and is said to act as a remedy to the negative forces at work in the
world and inside each one of us.

The World Peace Drubchen is a non-dogmatic, interreligious contribution to world
peace, and seeks the endorsement and support of religious institutions of all
faiths from around the world.To materialize this vision, the initiators have founded the World Peace Drubchen
association, a non-profit entity registered in Switzerland.

The association works in partnership with the renowned Gangteng Monastery and
its spiritual leader, H.E. Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche, who has endorsed the project
and will implement it at Gangteng Monastery.

The 500 monks of Gangteng Monastery will perform the Drubchen starting on 21
December 2012 for one year, and will be joined by further 500 lay practitioners
from the monastery's region for this period, and temporarily by guests from
around the world.

The association seeks the support of donors and members, who sponsor individual
nuns, monks and lay practitioners for the ceremony, or contribute to the general
project expenses.

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