Animal Liberation led by Samten Rinpoche March 3

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Animal Liberation led by Samten Rinpoche March 3

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Event : Animal Liberation led by Samten Rinpoche
Date : March 3
Time : 9:15am - 12:30pm
Venue : Changi Jetty
Map : ... ite_79719/" onclick=";return false;
Website : http://" onclick=";return false;
Facebook:" onclick=";return false;
Boat Fee : SGD$20

Event : Oral Trannsmission of Sadhana Text
Date : March 8
Time: 7.45pm to 10.00pm
Venue : Palyul Nyingma Buddhist Assosiation
Address : 721 Geylang Road (directly opposite Lorong 42 Geylang)
Map : ... ite_50798/" onclick=";return false;
Sadhan Texts :
1) Vajrakilaya Practice Text
2) Black Dzambala Practice Text
3) Green Tara Practice Text
4) Rinzin Dupa (Guru Rinpoche) Practice Text
5) Twenty One Dzambala Practice Text
6) Barchen Lamshel and Sampa Lhundrup Practice Text

Event : Chod Puja by Tulku Jampal Lodoe Rinpoche and Sonam Rinpoche
Date: March 10th
Time: 8.00pm
Venue : Palyul Nyingma Buddhist Assosiation

Event : Kyabje Penor Rinpoche Maha Parinirvana 3rd Year Anniversary
Date : March 17-18
Venue : Palyul Nyingma Buddhist Assosiation
Programme :
March 17
10.00am - 11.30am Vajrasattva Puja
2.00pm - 4.30pm Vajrasattva Puja & Mahakala Puja
8.00pm - 9.30pm Vajrasattva Puja
March 18
10am - 12pm Vajrasattva Puja
2pm - 5pm Vajrasattva Puja, Mahakala Puja
& Khatag Offering to the late Holiness Penor Rinpoche

Animal Liberation led by Samten Rinpoche
According to Tibetan calendar, the Tibetan Losar (New Year) falls on 22nd February. The first month of the Tibetan calendar is known as "the multiplying of the blessings month." During the life of Shakyamuni, many people asked him to perform miracles to prove his enlightenment. He ignored their requests and moved from town to town giving teachings. Finally, when he taught in Shravasti, the people beseeched the King to order Shakyamuni to hold a contest of spiritual or miraculous feats to prove his greatness. The Buddha agreed and as it so happened the first day he began these demonstrations was the first day of Losar (which is the Tibetan New Year) till the last day, which falls on the full moon.

This auspicious period is also known as Chotrul Duchen. Whatever good deeds one performs or merits one accumulates during this period, those actions will be multiplied by 100,000 times.
During this auspicious period, our centre will conduct the Animals Liberation (the release of fishes) on 3rd March, which happens to be Guru Rinpoche Day. You may choose to join us in the animals liberation's trip or make voluntary donation towards the release of these precious lives!

Saving the lives of animals on the verge of being killed is considered an 'intensified' virtuous activity, in accumulation of merits which surpasses many others.In our countless rebirths, we had parents, friends and enemies because to of their past karmas, may have reborn in animal realm. Animals do not have the capacity to reflect on Dharma due to their negativities and ignorance. We can help to leave positive imprints in the animals' minds by reciting mantras in their presence. This will create the cause for them to have good rebirth in their future lives where they can meet and practice Dharma.The benefits of Animals Liberation are one will be blessed with long life, prevents sickness and troubles, self-arising compassion, innumerable merits, happiness and many others.

Oral Trannsmission of Sadhana Text
In Vajrayana, in order to engage in a deity's practice, one has to receive the complete transmission of empowerment (wang), oral transmission (lung) and instruction (tri) from a qualified Master.In view of this, our resident spiritual teacher, Ven Samten Rinpoche, will be giving oral transmission (lung) based on the following practice texts that are used during our centre's puja.

Chod Puja by Tulku Jampal Lodoe Rinpoche and Sonam Rinpoche
Tulku Jampal Lodoe Rinpoche and Sonam Rinpoche, together with our resident teacher, Samten Rinpoche, to lead the practice of Chod entitled "The Laughter of Dakinis" according to Longchen Nyingthig by the master Jigme Lingpa. Chod refers to cutting through the grasping at a self and its attendant emotional afflictions by visualising offering of one's body to malevolent spirits and karmic creditors.

It is a powerful ceremony in Tibetan Buddhist Tradition and is intended to dispel negative forces whose presence are indicted by incurable diseases, mental illness, depressions, sickness that are caused by spirits of the eight classes, non-humans and karmic creditors, the practice is best done in the evening, whereby participants who are not feeling well are encourage to sit or lie in front of the master when they are performing the practice.

Kyabje Penor Rinpoche Maha Parinirvana 3rd Year Anniversary
To commemorate His Holiness Drubwang Padma Norbu Rinpoche's Maha Parinirvana 3rd Year Anniversary on 23rd March 2012, 1st day of the 2nd Tibetan Month, our centre will conduct a 2 days puja on 17th & 18th March 2012 on Vajrasattva Purification Puja to pacify any negativities and obstacles.

The main focus for this Vajrasattva puja is to purify our own karma, obscurations and repair broken samayas that we have in relation with our Guru, the late H.H. Drubwang Padma Norbu Rinpoche. Through this purification puja, we can create positive condition for everyone and also to those who are directly or indirectly connected to this anniversary puja.

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