Mani Retreat with Full Prostrations May 4-6

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Mani Retreat with Full Prostrations May 4-6

Post by phantom59 » Sun Mar 04, 2012 4:51 pm

Event : Mani Retreat with Full Prostrations with Mani Lama
Date : May 4-6
Venue : Singapore Expo, MAX Atria Foyer 1, Level 2, Peridot Room,
Address : 1, Expo Drive
Map : ... ite_76688/" onclick=";return false;
Registration at Odsal Ling Buddhist Society, Level 8, 15, Lorong 29, Geylang
Facebook :" onclick=";return false;
Programme :
May 4-5 from 10am - 9pm, May 6 from 10am - 5pm

The great terton Lerab Lingpa mentioned in his terma text that reciting the
6 syllable mantra is the supreme virtuous deed of the ten directions and can propel one
to awaken one to Buddhahood Reciting this mantra wholeheartedly can help fulfil one's wishes,
eliminate the causes of sickness, drought, starvation, war, harms from the 4 elements
and increase one's lifespan, merits and abundance All the Buddhas and Dharma Protectors will protect one who recite the 6 syllable mantra The mantra purifies the mind of beginingless
lifetimes of karmic deeds. affictions, suffering and habitual tendencies and helps one to attain peace and freedom from cyclic existence, the lower realms and the Bardo state and lead one to rebirth in the Pureland

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