Krodikali Wangchen and Retreat Nov 22-25, Puli, Taiwan

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Krodikali Wangchen and Retreat Nov 22-25, Puli, Taiwan

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Event : Krodikali Supreme Initiation (Wangchhen)
Date: Novemeber 22th, 2012
Event : Krodikali Retreat 2012
Date: Novemeber23th ~ Novemeber 25th, 2012
Venue: Puli Retreat Center, Taichung, Taiwan
Website :" onclick=";return false;

'This Krodikali Supreme Initiation (Wangchhen) and retreat are not open to public. You are allowed to attend only after receiving approval from Rinpoche.If you wish to participate, kindly contact with Lama Phunsto(M:+886-935503989) and Lama Sengge(M:+886-988-556518) for permission. For further more details,pls contact with Dudjom Dharma House Taichung(Tel:+886-4-24969688/Fax:+886-4-24969699

Everyone who will attend this retreat should assemble before 10:00am on Thursday,November 22th at Dudjom Dharma House Taichung. Tent is requirement and manufactured for a specific purpose, everyone should have one ,if you don’t have ,kindly contact with us to book in advance.'

Krodikali Four Foundations with Four Feasts in the mountain retreat center at Puli, Nantou County,
Taiwan, October 24-27, 2011" onclick=";return false;

Dungsey Garab Rinpoche's Autumn program in Taichung, Taiwan

黑忿怒空行母旺千大灌頂 11/22(四) 暨 秋季黑忿怒空行母閉關 11/23(五)~11/25(日) 台灣 台中敦珠新岩傳學佛會之埔里閉關中心
此旺千大灌頂法會與閉關非對外開放一般大眾,需先取得噶拉多傑仁波切允許同意.欲參加者請先與 Phuntsho lama[Tel:+886-935503989, 及 Sengge lama Tel:+886-988-556518洽詢取得連繫或更多之相關訊息Tel:+886-4-24969688~9,Fax+886-4-24969699. 參加者需在11/22(四)早上10:00以前集合,參加閉關閉關帳篷為必備,請先預定。

Places of Interest in Puli" onclick=";return false;

Getting to and from Puli
Unless you have your own car or scooter, you'll have to take the bus to get to
Puli. There is no train station in the city. The main bus terminal is downtown,
on the corner of Jhongjheng and Donghua Rd. It looks like a giant, grey water
tank. Other bus companies have smaller offices close to the main bus station on
Jhongjheng Rd.

Taichung: The Taichung Bus Company has frequent buses; NT$150; 1hour. The bus
stop is in front of Taichung Train Station.
Taipei: Green Transit buses leave hourly from Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station (exit
4 - south side of Zhongxiao Rd). NT$350, 4hrs. In Puli, their bus stop is across
from the main station.

Sun Moon Lake:Nantou Bus Company (342 Jhongjheng Rd, by the KFC) has hourly
buses for NT$50; 45 minutes.To Wushe, Chingjing Farm, Mt. Hehuan,
Lishan: Nantou Bus Company has some buses to these four places. The
office is 100m north of the main bus station, past the KFC.Kuo Kuang
Hao Bus Company (at the main bus station) also has buses to Taipei,
Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung and Pingdong. They offer the cheapest

Travel Map of Puli ... 8673415.00" onclick=";return false;\

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