Sydney Buddhist Library

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Sydney Buddhist Library

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The Buddhist Library and Meditation Centre is a non-sectarian, not-for-profit educational organisation based in Camperdown, Sydney.

The Centre was founded in 1991 by a group of individuals committed to raise public awareness about Buddhism. The core aim is to provide courses, information and Buddhist resources to our members, the public, other Buddhist organisations in Australia, and the media.

In 2006 the Buddhist library pioneered Project Cambodia, providing clean drinking water, dental care and education to communities in Cambodia.

Our Aims

* To disseminate information about the core practices and teachings of Buddhism.
* To encourage Buddhist practices.
* To develop and maintain a resource library containing a wide range of educational material on Buddhism and related subjects.
* To advance Buddhist scholarship in Australia.
* To provide educational resources to schools.
* To provide facilities where Buddhist teachers and groups can conduct classes, meditation sessions, workshops and exhibitions.
* To refer interested members of the public to Buddhist groups and teachers.

The Buddha Dharma Educational Fund, trading as The Buddhist Library and Meditation Centre, is a not-for-profit registered charity. The centre does not receive any government funding and relies on the generosity of visitors to fund events and services.

About the Logo
The current Buddhist Library logo designed by two Buddhist Architects, Tracy Tilaka Weerasinha and Kah Heng Yep, was introduced in 2011.

The logo has the form of a bodhi leaf representing the teachings of the Buddha and a water droplet representing the Buddhist Library's outreach work in Cambodia. This integration in design reflects the emphasis on both the practices of wisdom and compassion in the functions of the Buddhist Library. The dipping waves refer to the vast and boundless ocean of the Buddha’s teachings, represented in the wealth of reference material and teachings available in the Library itself, and also the spread of the Library’s work across borders in all directions.

For more information visit the website

'Only practice with no gaining idea' ~ Suzuki Roshi

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