H.E. Choden Rinpoche teaching Six Yogas of Naropa - 2012

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H.E. Choden Rinpoche teaching Six Yogas of Naropa - 2012

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VENUE: Balmain Town Hall, Sydney, Australia
DATE: 20th March to 1st April 2012

Dear Friends,

We are deeply privileged to have His Eminence Kyabje Choden Rinpoche, truly a living Master, so kindly agree to offer us these Teachings and Initiations. Each in their own right of great importance, to have them offered together is a most rare and remarkable opportunity. We encourage you to join us, if you are able, to make this a retreat experience, providing a focus and insight from the depths of Rinpoche's vast experience that can inspire and bless our own practice in a way that will continue to permeate throughout our life.

The Teachings begin with commentary and meditations on Calm Abiding. Correct instruction on developing a genuine sense of calm abiding is essential to enable us to create the necessary and stable foundation in the mind where realizations on the path can take root and we can discover the depths of our human consciousness. Genuine, authentic and valid instruction which is in accord with correct, unmistaken and complete Tibetan classic treatises, as presented by H.E. Choden Rinpoche, is rare and precious. Regardless of how long it may take, how distant it may seem to us, these instructions will serve as a seed to enable us to develop these qualities within our mind. While it is a Buddhist approach to training the attention, it is accessible and beneficial to anyone who engages in it.

Following the Teachings on Calm Abiding, Rinpoche has kindly agreed to offer the Heruka Five Deity Initiation.
Heruka Chakrasamvara (Five Deity) is one of the major meditational deities of mother tantra, the principle source explaining the method for generating the blissful clear light. He manifests in a wrathful aspect in a stance symbolizing the union of bliss and emptiness and wisdom's ability to overcome the forces of ignorant hatred and desirous attachment.

The final cycle of Teachings is on the Six Yogas of Naropa.
Within the secret treasure house of highest yoga tantra instruction, the six yogas of Naropa, have long been held most dear to the heart of great yogis, across all Tibetan Buddhist traditions. The six are presented as the yoga of tummo, illusory body yoga, bardo yoga, clear light yoga, dream yoga, and phowa. These extraordinary meditation techniques, transmitted in great secrecy for many generations, cause the dissolution of all conceptional thoughts, such as fears and expectations, and allow our true nature of inner peace and great bliss to manifest. Highest yoga tantra can swiftly lead a practitioner to the state of enlightenment, that is the union of conventional pure illusory body and ultimate clear light.

CALM ABIDING (Shamatha) - Tuesday 20th March to Thursday 22nd March 2012
HERUKA FIVE DEITY INITIATION - Saturday 24th March to Sunday 25th March 2012
SIX YOGAS OF NAROPA - Wednesday 28th March to Sunday 1st April 2012

For BOOKINGS, ACCOMMODATION, INFORMATION please visit http://www.AwakeningVajraAustralia.org



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