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breathe | a senryu

Postby ocean_waves » Thu Jan 17, 2013 3:43 am

mindfulness of breath,
will, still the wandering mind,
show it the way home.

too busy, thinking,
wondering what "i" should do
"i" forgot to… BE.

angel or devil?
the clever dichotomy
of a fractured mind.

go back to the breath
of the one HU thought you life,
only God exists!

your so vain, you thought...
this poem was about you!
breathe and… disappear!

only God exists,
THAT is the reality!
of BE’ing… HU’man.
"True seeing is called transcendence;
False seeing is worldliness:
Set aside both right and wrong,
And the nature of enlightenment is clear."

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