Ariya-Savaka/Seven Senses.

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Ariya-Savaka/Seven Senses.

Post by tidathep » Fri Jun 28, 2013 1:05 am

Sawaddee Ka,

I would like to invite you all to write poems about dhamma/love/flower or whatever that you like.
Today I'll start with my poems: Ariya-Savaka/Seven Senses.


has the seven senses:
Sense of Dhamma...Sense of meaning
Sense of himself...Sense of moderation
Sense of time........Sense of social gatherings
Sense of distinctions among individuals(puggalaparovaraññuu)

He knows the Dhamma
He knows the meaning of Dhamma
He knows himself..his saddha..his virtue
His learning..his liberality..his panna..his patibhaana
He knows moderation in accepting: robes..almsfood..lodging
He knows the time for recitation..questioning..viriya..seclusion
He knows his social gathering..He knows distinctions among individuals:

One who wants
to see noble ones
and one.. who doesn't
One who wants to hear true Dhamma
and one who doesn't..One who listens to dhamma well
and one who doesn't.......One who remembers the Dhamma
and one who doesn't........One who explores the Dhamma or not
One who practices/knows the meaning of Dhamma, and one who doesn't

tidathep :namaste:

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