Discursive Verse from Monkey Mind

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Discursive Verse from Monkey Mind

Post by MindTheGap » Sat Apr 02, 2016 12:11 am

A haiku, and another little ditty:

Springtime prayer flags hung
Birds pull strings to make their nests
Songs of happiness


No Big Deal

My mind,
a ground to practice
the perception of emptiness.

My heart,
a ground to practice
the expansion of compassion.

My belly, a ground
for cats to practice
interpretive dance.

And now, as long as space endures, As long as there are beings to be found,
May I continue, likewise, to remain, To drive away the sorrows of the world.

- Shantideva: Bodhicharyavatara

In this world there is no man, there is no woman. There is no person, self or consciousness.
Man and woman are merely imputed and have no essence. Thus, the minds of worldly beings are mistaken.

- Wisdom Moon: now known as the Bodhisattva Tara

When there arises a gap in the mind...


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