Sadhana of a Buddha Yet To Be (a poem)

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Sadhana of a Buddha Yet To Be (a poem)

Post by MindTheGap » Tue Apr 19, 2016 4:52 pm

Follow breathing through the body.

Breathing in; the chest will rise, the belly falls.
Breathing out; the chest will fall - as the belly rises.

Alternating like the crest and trough of ocean waves.

Thoughts arise...
The negative; a declaration of my kleshas.
The positive; the merit sent to sentient beings.

The neutral: tossed into the brain's recycle bins.

Then, this "I" releases them into the universe.

I bow to Śākyamuni,
Bow to Avalokiteśvara. 
I bow to Sangye Menla, 
Mother Tara, Manjusri, 

And also Padmasambhava,
Guru Śantidevā: reverently.

Through emptiness, 
This illusion that "I" call -
Through birth, rebirth, accumulating merit -

Becomes at last the mirror of them all.

In open sky, the great AH rises,
Crack of Dzogchen thunder.

Stretched before me - Buddha field. 
A forest glade, with Bodhi cheetahs,
Buddha Bears, the Lion's Roar.

An eagle cries "Emaho!"
Deer that set the Dharma wheel in motion.

No Lotus Throne, but on an aged stump -
Manjusri's fiery sword hath cut -

The Buddha of this Buddha-field
Takes his seat with dignity.

Four armed, green, with garland rhododendron:
Bhumisparsha mudra,
Hand with mala held on high

Varada mudra, beneath Abhaya mudra, 
Aureole of rainbow light.

Bodhisattva of the Pass-It-On Compassion,
Fearless Teacher of the Dharma found in the Mundane,
Patron of the Prayer of Perseverance,
Bestower of the Unexpected Aid:

Surrounded by his retinue
Of Animals Enlightened.
Held within the Mandala 
Of this Forest Glade.

Thus, visualizing Tathāgatagarbha 
As Dharmakaya fully come to be,
Of the mindstream that this present "I" 
Recognizes only now as "me".

I bow before what obscurations cover -

I bow before this Buddha Yet To Be.
And now, as long as space endures, As long as there are beings to be found,
May I continue, likewise, to remain, To drive away the sorrows of the world.

- Shantideva: Bodhicharyavatara

In this world there is no man, there is no woman. There is no person, self or consciousness.
Man and woman are merely imputed and have no essence. Thus, the minds of worldly beings are mistaken.

- Wisdom Moon: now known as the Bodhisattva Tara

When there arises a gap in the mind...


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Re: Sadhana of a Buddha Yet To Be (a poem)

Post by garudha » Wed Aug 03, 2016 1:08 am


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