Does master own donkey or donkey own master?

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Does master own donkey or donkey own master?

Post by Iain » Wed Feb 08, 2017 3:47 pm

Does Master own Donkey or Donkey own Mast er?

Donkey is walking along a road, dutifuliy carry ing Master's books as the books are too heavy for Donkey Master to carry himself. All the wh le Donkey Master walks behind Donkey with his nose in one of the books which he enthusia stically reads one after the other.

Donkey Master wishes to reach the City of Rea lisation and believes one must be knowledgable to enter the City. He also carries a stick to hit Donkey when Donkey tires of the load and stops to rest.

All the while Monkey has been sneaking along by the side of the road watching Donkey Master and Donkey and thinks to himself:

"Ah look at all those books they must be travel ling to the City of Realisation."

Monkey, also wishing to reach the City of Real isation decides he can jump on Donkey's back and hitch a free ride.Once Monkey is on Donk ey's back he sees that Donkey Master has his nose in a book.

"This stupid Donkey Master always with his no se in a book.What if Donkey stops to rest and Donkey Master does not notice then who will hit Donkey and make him walk and how will w e arrive at the City of Realisation then? Beside s Donkey moves much too slowly for me."

So Monkey decides to try and steal Donkey M aster's stick. He reaches for the stick but Donk ey Master whacks Monkey without even lookin g up from his book.

"You cannot have the stick as you are too fool ish and impatient to use it wisely and your co ntinued beating of Donkey may only render D onkey more stubborn." says Donkey Master.

Monkey disgruntled at his scolding thinks of a nother way to ensure Donkey reaches the city as surely Donkey Master is too kind to stupid and slow Donkey.

"I know" thinks Monkey.

"I shall dangle Carrott in front of Donkey's no se and this shall keep him walking continously . I shall also tell him it's Carrot of Realisation t o make Carrot more desirable and this shall make him walk more quickly."

So Monkey dangles Carrot in front of Donkey and tells him it's "Carrot of Realisation" and s ure enough Donkey keeps walking and even s peeds up in his desire for Carrot.

Donkey Master seeing the benefit in this situa tion for himself decides to leave things as they are so he can study his books more intently.

After a long long time and a long long journey down the road Donkey tires and collapses exh austed in need of rest.

"I'm sick of stupid Donkey" says Monkey.

"Hit him with the stick Donkey Master and ma ke him walk" shouts Monkey.

Donkey Master raises his stick and hits Monke y hard across the head and Monkey falls from Donkey.

"From now on I shall ride Donkey and you will walk behind" shouts Donkey Master.

"You are cruel and unfair to Donkey and I'm si ck of walking behind while you get a free ride, so now you shall walk behind me and Donkey and when I use my stick I shall use it on you n ot Donkey."

The master removes the books from Donkey's back while Donkey rests and recovers some st rength.

"Mmm," thinks Donkey Master.

"What if I discard books once I've finished rea ding them and only retain the books I have ye t to finish, that way the load will get lighter for Donkey until eventually there will be no books at all for Donkey to carry."

So, Donkey Master, somewhat pleased with hi s new idea, loads the unread books back onto Donkey's back and sets off once more for City of Realisation.

Monkey furious at Donkey Master and Donkey decides to throw stones at pompous Donkey Master to knock him off Donkey.

"I'll get my rightful place on Donkey's back" th inks Monkey to himself.

So sure enough Monkey throws stones at Don key Master and eventually one well aimed sto ne knocks Donkey Master from Donkey's back. Monkey jumps upon Donkey's back and dangl es Carrot once more in front of poor Donkeys face and they set off down the road.

Donkey Master, now exasperated but not wish ing to interfere in things for fear he may simpl y make the situtation worse, follows behind ag ain waiting for Donkey to tire so he may knock Monkey off again with his stick and regain his place on Donkey.

This continues for many many days with Monk ey and Master taking their turns on Donkey's back . Monkey throwing stones at Donkey Mas ter and Donkey Master whacking Monkey with his stick and all the while Donkey Master read ing books and discarding them so the load be comes lighter for Donkey.

Then one day Donkey see's his friend Crane b y the side of the road.

"Hello Crane would you do me a favour I won der" asks Donkey.

"Yes Donkey of course, what would you like?" replies Crane.

"Well, in return for Master's kindness, would y ou fly high above and observe what you see t hen fly back down and land on Master's shoul der and tell him what you've seen?"

"Yes of course" says Crane and he flies off hig h into the sky.

A few hours later Crane returns and lands on Master's shoulder as agreed.

"Donkey Master I have been flying above watc hing you Donkey and Monkey and have seen t hat the road is circular and has no end."

"What!" exclaims Donkey Master.

"Poor donkey walking down the road with all t his going on; carrying my heavy books, the m onkey taunting you with Carrot, me hitting yo u to make you walk and now I discover the ro ad is circular and has no end so there must b e no City of Realisation. It's all been in vain. H ow badly I've treated you" Donkey Master says out loud.

"I know the road is circular " replies Donkey.

"What?" exclaims Donkey Master amazed at t he Donkey's ability to talk.

"Why have you not spoken before and why di d you put up with all this Donkey?" enquires D onkey Master.

"Oh that's easy" says Donkey.

"To teach you the ceaseless and endless and c ircular nature of all things."

"Oh" says Donkey Master.

"But Donkey now that I know of the ceaseless and endless and circular nature of all things w hy do we keep on walking round this road, pa rticularly when there is no City of Realisation? "

"Oh that's even easier" replies Donkey.

"You keep forgetting."
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Re: Does master own donkey or donkey own madter?

Post by Karma Dondrup Tashi » Wed Feb 08, 2017 3:51 pm

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