The Monster

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The Monster

Post by Individual » Wed Nov 24, 2010 9:04 am

Jack and Jessica had been dating for two weeks. One night, Jack took her on a date. They went to a movie. The movie was enjoyable. They had dinner. The food was good and the conversation went well. Then they went somewhere to dance. Jack danced well. She seemed impressed; she smiled and laughed. Before he dropped her off, Jack asked the girl if she had a good time.

Jessica said, "Yes, I had a great time."

Jack was pleased.

Suddenly, though, she grew fangs and claws, her eyes flashed with red lightning, and with a demonic voice (like from the Exorcist?) she said, "Oh there's just one more thing."

"What?" Jack asked.

"I need this!" the monstrous succubi replied.

She pulled out a rusty, dirty machete with a little over a foot-long serrated blade, a black leather handle, and an elegantly designed thumb grip. She then proceeded to saw through Jack's abdomen vertically like a surgeon performing an autopsy. Reaching through the bloody folds into his thoracic cavity with her claws, sharp yet nimble, she ripped out his still beating heart. Pools of blood cascaded down his waist and legs from his upper, lower, coronary and pulmonary arteries, now severed by her hand and exposed. As she held the still throbbing organ in her hand, she shrieked with delight; the shriek was the sound of many animals at once, like a snake hissing, a tiger roaring, and a hawk screeching all in unison. Then her eyes glowed as she devoured the heart voraciously, like a starving wild dog with a fresh steak, blood smearing across her face.

As she did this, Jack collapsed to the ground, drained of his energy by the apparent vampire, completely confused as to what he had said or done wrong.

He managed to choke out the words, "I... guess... I should... go."

"No," the creature replied, "It's OK! We can be friends!"

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Re: The Monster

Post by Hanzze » Wed Nov 24, 2010 9:17 am

I wish Jack will find the way of metta and practice compassion for the monster. I wish that Jack realize that it is his own karma that was ripen and do not let hate and anger grow.

May both of them find happiness in there present lives!
Just that! :-)

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Re: The Monster

Post by Ogyen » Thu Nov 25, 2010 12:15 am

Jack is seeing Jessica through the lens of his suffering. Jessica is no more a monster than he is self. Jessica is the catalyst and bearer of her own karma, as is Jack. Jack's experience of this pain with Jessica is because of his own clouding over his lens of perception. Jessica probably feels like a young broken-hearted girl just looking for love, but Jack doesn't see Jessica the way Jessica sees Jessica. Jessica doesn't go to sleep thinking she is a monster, even if she were, her nature is to be and therefore to suffer, just like Jack.

Jack needs to take a chill pill, and either make love or get to a monastery and practice celibacy so that he does the least harm to the Jessicas of the world who are just girls whose hearts were broken by boys who thought the space of an embrace is a place of mental hell.

The pain of relationship is the pain of parting with the folds of 'self'... Jack is simply growing. And yes it hurts. But the pain is there regardless, how you choose to perceive it is where your practice is your work. What are Jack's knots, mental and karmic? What are the colors of his fear? And how does Jack conquer this demon he sees? It drains him after all, it is only him who can free himself from being put in a spell... but he must renounce what seems for what is, and that... is where the demons become as intense as your practice, but hey you know... small doubt, small realization, big doubt, big realization.

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Re: The Monster

Post by Individual » Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:20 pm

I wrote a haiku:
Sweep you off your feet.
Stab your boyfriend in the face.
We could be happy.

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