The imputed object

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The imputed object

Post by MatthewAngby » Tue Dec 26, 2017 5:43 pm

Now I declare my poem to the netizens of dharmawheel! Too long have I kept my unspoke thoughts in my lonely and depressed heart ! Thus listen to this poem on my opinion of the conceptual thoughts ! Tis be well for all !

Tis home I am stuck with
And the rules that are bound within
O’ behold, these conceptual thoughts
Where Traditions and culture resides
“These carnations stand are bad ! “
“ These dark objects are polluted ! “
Oh the fixed concepts of the human race
Hearken hearken to my thoughts
Devour your once cultural thoughts!
What bad omens do mere objects cause ?
Look ! Look deeply ! To the bloody skull !
The victorians consider it attractive !
The Goths treasure it with love !
The Chinese consider it the worst !
Tis inherently neutral object
Twisted by the ideas of culture
Throws itself in a two fixed positions
To where it is praised and ridiculed !
Out with this etiquettes that merely
Are illusions to the mind !
See for yourself the nature of the object !
Bad and good are merely imputed !
investigate and experience for yourself
This “bad” or “good” vibes
I shall leave you all to be then !

Note : how more can I express myself than to manifest in these poems - to communicate with those who I have some mutual trust in. And more importantly , I am looking for grigoris or Malcom to reply to my poem. Clear me of my wrong thoughts and views if I have any. Chinese cultural traditions seem to piss me off - in their Long list of superstitious rules

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